Movie Review: The men in black are back and better than ever in MIB3

The men in black are back and better than ever in MIB3. With Will Smith’s return to the silver screen after a four year hiatus, Josh Brolin’s highly believable performance as a younger Agent K and Tommy Lee Jones dry humor, fans of Men in Black will love this great addition to the series.

Men in Black 3 starts out when we meet Boris the Animal, played by actor Jemaine Clement. Boris is one of the MIB universe’s deadliest creatures with some sort of dart-shooting creature in his hand. He might have had two of those hands if Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K hadn’t shot off his other arm 40 years ago. The action really begins when Boris escapes from a prison and correctional facility in outer space and starts heading back to Earth to get revenge on K.

Boris then gets his hand on a time-traveling device and jumps back to 1969, where he kills Agent K. The murder causes his kind to take over the world in present day. Agent J follows him to the year 1969 and works with Agent K’s younger self, portrayed brilliantly by Josh Brolin, to try to save his life and restore the original timeline.

MIB3 is the most emotional of the three movies. We learn things about Agent K and Agent J that are sure to surprise you. Josh Brolin’s performance is enough reason to see this film. He captures Jones’ mannerisms and voice so perfectly, you’ll almost forget he’s not a younger Tommy Lee Jones.

The film is highly entertaining and the digital effects are fantastic. The score was composed by the great Danny Elfman. Make-up artist Rick Baker also brings back the cheesy retro aliens we all love and remember. The 3D presentation of the film adds a nice depth and the special effects are spectacular.

The movie is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters Friday, May 25, 2012. The official website for the film can be found at

Here’s a trailer from the movie:

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Men In Black Alien Attack attraction ride at Universal Studios Florida

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