Much interest in all aspects of the magazine

We’re still progressing on a November date for our first issue. We’ve received a lot of interest in the magazine from all sides: writers, photographers, submitted photos, letters, advertisers and subscription requests.

We’re also excited to say that we have been in talks with a few current and former Disney writers. I don’t want to give any names out yet because things may not work out with all of them, but it’s great to hear they’re interested in helping and working with us.

We have a sample of our cover and a few inside pages done. Watch for a peek at them on our Web site soon. We are also starting to get some completed stories sent in by our freelance writers. Our writers range from Disney and Universal employees to those who’ve written for national magazines, newspapers, theme park industry magazines, travel guides and other books.

Getting our subscription and credit card forms online is taking a bit longer than we had hoped. We want to make sure everything is very secure. We should be announcing subscription and single copy prices soon. We expect to able to take subscriptions by mid-October at the latest. If you haven’t signed up to be notified yet, please do so on the Subscription area of our site.

As always, please send us your letters, story ideas and pictures. We’re still in need of some letters for our Letters page in the first issue.


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