National WWII Museum to open Walt Disney Studios exhibit

Just in time for Disney’s 100th anniversary, the National WWII Museum in New Orleans will host the traveling “The Walt Disney Studios and World War II” exhibit.

The Walt Disney Studios and World War II

By Chris Bower

Opening March 17, 2023, and on display through Sept. 24, 2023, the exhibit features over 500 rarely-seen artifacts, objects, and film clips previously on display at The WaltDisney Family Museum in San Francisco.

WWII items at The Walt Disney Family Museum
Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Family Museum

“The Walt Disney Studios and World War 2” will be a treat for Disney fans with an eye for history, as World War Two was a transformative time for the Walt Disney Studios and the museum will explore all aspects of the period. 

Gallery spaces like “Films and Print for Training, Propaganda, and Entertainment” and “Insignia and Morale” will illustrate how the Disney studio drastically changed during that time, with animators dedicating over 90% of their output to training films and propaganda to help the war effort (all without profit).

The exhibit will also include information about how Disney’s studio lot in Burbank was requisitioned as an Army anti-aircraft base, profiles of Disney employees who left the studio to join the Armed Forces, and space dedicated to the story of Walt Disney and his fellow animators’ Goodwill Tour to South America during the war.

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