New baby rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World has announced the successful birth of a white rhino last month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

disney’s animal kingdom

Lola, one of the white rhinos in the park’s care, delivered a healthy female call in early November. At the moment, the baby and mom are thriving backstage under the care and watchful eye of Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team.

This birth marks the third white rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the past 13 months — and the 13th white rhino born at Walt Disney World Resort — which is great news for the conservation efforts of this near-threatened species.

Rhinos in the wild are hunted for their horns, and their populations continue to dwindle because of this. As a result, rhino births are very important in order to maintain healthy populations. Disney also helps to protect white and black rhinos in the wild through the Disney Conservation Fund, supporting projects focused on habitat monitoring and restoration.

Lola’s new calf joins a gaggle of other new babies at the park this year, including Humphrey the Masai giraffe, Greta the hippo, and Ada the western lowland gorilla, to name a few.

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