New Disney Dream Job Contest! Chief Magic Official (CMO)

CareerBuilder has just launched a new Dream Job contest that’s VERY different from last year’s.

This time around, the contest will take place both at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and only one winner will be announced. That winner will hold the new title of Chief Magic Officer.

The Chief Magic Officer will have many duties:
– Makes dreams come true
– Honorary member of the Disney Dream Squad
– Makes magical “decrees’
– Creates magic moments- Interacts with guests always
– Performs magical upgrades
– Is the Golden Ticket to every attraction
– Keeps a Dream Blog
– Editor of the Quarterly Dream Report
– Spreads magic and inspiration in random communities
– Does speaking engagements on “Finding Your Dream Job’
– Talks magic-making with members of the media

As a winner in this new contest, you will receive:
– Up to 8 (eight) round trip tickets for CMO appearances at Disney Parks events
– Limo service between Disney Parks and airport
– Deluxe accommodations while on CMO assignments
– 20 Disney Parks admission passes- VIP host throughout each stay
– Salary plus a per-visit bonus
– Insurance to cover visits

Many more details and information on how to enter can be found at

You have until January 27th to enter! Good Luck!


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  1. Hi, I am Abbey. I’m 12 and i would love it if i won this but i dont know how to win! my family is going threw hard times and we have lost almost everything but the love for each other. I miss my old happy family. Now were strugling just to get by. I would love to have all of this but i dont believe i can. I really wish me and my family would win a prize like this! But i believe that someone more poorer then my family should win this prize!