New fragrance lets you smell like Pirates of the Caribbean and other dark rides

by Matt Roseboom

A bottle of Dark Ride perfume

Do you love the smell inside It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park River Adventure and other dark boat rides? Do you want people around you to be reminded of the rides when they are near you? No? Maybe? Well if so, you’re in luck as there’s now a fragrance called Dark Rides.

Xyrena, an innovative, cruelty-free and vegan LA perfumery, announced today that it has released three new signature “Virtual Reality Fragrances” fragrances. Dark Ride is evocative of an indoor theme park ride. Factory Fresh offers the scent of new shoes, while Xyrena 66 is reminiscent of a gas station.

“There are several common scents people (including myself) love but are unsafe for extended exposure or impossible to use as a personal fragrance,” said Killian Wells, Xyrena founder and perfumer. “Not unlike virtual reality, we’re creating olfactory simulations that evoke real world consciousness.”

Here’s how the company describes Dark Ride:

A realistic interpretation of water ride staples like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park and Splash Mountain. For years, perfume and theme park enthusiasts alike have searched for fragrances that accidentally smell similar to water rides. For the first time ever, the intoxicating, moody scent has been intentionally captured. Xyrena’s Dark Ride features the familiar note of chlorinated water, a thrilling accord of fog and pyrotechnics and a hint of atmospheric mildew and damp ozone to create ‘the first thrill ride in a bottle.’

Each fragrance is available in both extrait de parfum or Vibe Spray™ (for room and body) form. All three unisex fragrances were formulated by Wells. For more information and to order, visit xyrena.com.


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