New ‘John Wick’ coaster coming to Motiongate Dubai in 2021

Motiongate Dubai has announced that it will kick off 2021 with two brand-new rides in its Lionsgate Zone, with one inspired by the “John Wick” franchise.

john wick
Photo courtesy of DXB Entertainments

Thrill-seeking fans of “John Wick” and “Now You See Me” will be able to experience the film franchises in a new way with two new record-breaking attractions planned to open in early 2021.

“John Wick: Open Contract” will send riders along a 310-meter (1,017-foot) track at speeds up to 64 kilometers per hour (about 40 miles per hour), delivering up to 2.8 G-forces. Inspired by the events of the films, after stepping inside The Continental, guests will set out on a journey that simulates the action of John Wick’s world as the roller coaster races down a 4D track with both forward and backward, freestyle spins.

Aboard “Now You See Me: High Roller,” riders will reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour (about 43 miles per hour) as they take part in a Horsemen heist to expose the antics of a criminal mastermind. The roller coaster will feature drops, non-inverted loops, and Immelmann turn sections where riders will make a full 180-degree turn after entering a half-loop section of track, followed by a half-twist.


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