New Lava Lounge and erupting volcano at Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe

erupting volcano at Downtown Disney

There’s a new bar at Downtown Disney and a real eye-catcher right above it. The Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe is now open and the volcano above it is erupting with fire every half hour.

_DSC6518 Just to the left of the main Rainforest Cafe entrance is the new Lava Lounge.

_DSC6519 At the bottom of a waterfall is an animatronic alligator. He lurches forward, growls and opens his mouth. Unfortunately some guests were already tossing coins in his mouth. Some aren’t such good shots, so the gator had some pennies on his head in addition to in his mouth.

_DSC6517 You can enter the Lava Lounge through a cave by the alligator or down by the boat docks.

_DSC6527 Here’s a look at the lounge area from the dock.

_DSC6526 The lounge isn’t huge, but it’s a nice size. It consists of a bar and some high tabletops.

_DSC6507 The back portion of the lounge has regular tables which are part of the restaurant. Anyone is welcome to find a seat at the bar or at one of the high tables, first-come, first-served, but these tables in the back are seated by the hostesses at the restaurant.

_DSC6516 Notice the large televisions behind the bar and the red glowing “lava” in the wall.

_DSC6509 The bar menu features specialty drinks for about $9 each and a selection of appetizers. Notice the liquid “lava” inside the menu. It flows around the menu as you hold it up and squeeze it. The menus themselves are available to purchase for $20.

_DSC6514 The Krakatoa Flatbread ($10.99), Seaside Ceviche ($11.99) and Polynesian Pot Stickers < $9.99).

_DSC6540 The main attraction of the newly refurbished area is the erupting volcano. It explodes with fire and smoke about every 30 minutes. Fire blasts out of many different locations including the top.

Here’s a video of the volcano in action:

Erupting volcano at Downtown Disney Rainforest Cafe - Walt Disney World

_DSC6552 Keep in mind that the eruption can’t be seen or well heard from inside the lounge or restaurant.

_DSC6578 When it’s erupting, guests across the lake and within view all around the Downtown Disney Marketplace usually stop what they’re doing and watch.

_DSC6563 Not to be outdone, many evenings Mother Nature provides her own light show.

_DSC6571 Do you think the Lego store’s Brickly the Dragon is jealous of the fire.

_DSC6570 The new Lave Lounge and Rainforest Cafe restaurant are open daily in the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World.


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  1. The whole outdoor seating area is so lackluster and bland! There are probably 50 restaurants in Orlando’s tourist district that have more aesthetically impressive and exciting looking outdoor seating areas than this.

    Why is there a croc/gator near a volcano? And then there’s a waterfall next to a volcano too? Where is that random theme coming from???

    And aren’t there are already two volcanoes with flames in Orlando? Both minigolf – one on Vineland next to CiCi’s and one on I-Drive just North of Pointe Orlando.

    I can’t believe it took over a year to develop such mediocrity. What a huge bust!!