New spice and tea store opens at Downtown Disney

There’s a new store within a store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. The Spice & Tea Exchange recently opened inside Mickey’s Pantry.

As a complement to the kitchen-ware available in Mickey’s Pantry, the new addition offers 42 different blends of tea, many spices and different flavored salts and sugars. Some of the flavored sugars include raspberry strawberry, and ginger. Salts include olive and lime coconut. Some of the blended spices include cinnabar smoke blend and espresso steak rub.

There are also some samples for guests to smell and a mixing bowl to show how the blends are made. Although it’s a store within a store, all purchases are made at the same register. But a Spice & Tea Exchange employee is on hand to answer any questions.

The Spice & Tea Exchange Downtown Disney location is just one of more than 15 stores across the U.S. More information about all their products and blends can be found at


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