New Test Track 2.0 concept art reveals queue, ride and post-show details

With the official opening just a little over a month away, more concept art of Test Track 2.0 has been released giving a closer look at the queue, ride and post-show of the attraction. Test Track 2.0 is presented by Chevrolet and will offer guests a three-part experience:

The experience will start in the ride’s queue where guests will be able to design their own vehicle; a car, truck or even a crossover. In the Design Center, guests will use design kiosks to try their hand at design magic. Here, they can virtually create their vehicle design by shape, length, width and engine size. Once they create the design of their dreams, guests complete their creation with even more choices.

Next, guests will be able to board their vehicles and test drive them. Throughout the ride, riders will experience changing terrain and extreme conditions as their designs are scored for capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power. Their design skills are put to the test, at speeds of up to 65 mph.

The excitement then continues into the post-show area where guests will be able to race their vehicles on a virtual driving table, create their own commercial and get to see new and concept Chevrolet vehicles in a showroom.


Test Track 2.0 officially opens on Dec. 6, 2012 but previews should begin shortly. Stay tuned for more information and details on Test Track 2.0 in the upcoming weeks.


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  1. Will the interactive queue significantly decrease ride capacity? Also, will the single rider queue bypass all of the queue features?