New Tomorrowland entrance to debut at Disneyland in 2020

As part of Disneyland’s ongoing enhancement with Project Stardust, a new entrance is being crafted for Tomorrowland – and Disney has released new concept art of the final product.


Work is currently underway on the new entrance, with the new look set to be completed in 2020. As we reported earlier this fall, rocks were being removed from the land’s entrance for this project.

During the planning process, Imagineers felt it important to open up the area and improve guest access to the land. In addition, it was also a priority to keep the beauty of the entrance intact with trees and planters. When completed, guests will be able to enjoy a widened pathway lined with elliptical planters filled with colorful flowers.

This new entryway pays homage to the Tomorrowland entrances of yesteryear, while looking to a future inspired by the Space Age.

Stay tuned for more updates as this project moves towards completion.


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  1. What an ugly mishmash. Lovely, retro atomic-age flower designs leading into the weird Jules Verne-ish Astro Orbitor, and behind that the silver 1967 walls, and behind those more gold? There’s no consistent visual look or theme at all? They need to go back to the 1960s concept and just gut the entire thing and start over. This is ugly. And it says a lot about the creative state of The a Walt Disney Company.

  2. This design is merely a cosmetic, ignoring the REAL problem with Tomorrowland’s entrance- the Orbitron. Once gone, Diz not only will have removed one of the biggest eyesores in the park, but the cause of major traffic bottlenecks. The Orbitron belongs where it used to be- atop the People Mover station. While they are at it…