New Universal Studios Store in CityWalk opens – We aren’t joking!

For months, construction has been ongoing at the Universal Orlando Resort’s CityWalk shopping district. Many former stores closed near the waterfront and rumors began to form that Universal was prepared to build a flagship store of their own. Well, the rumors were true and today that store has opened!

Universal Studios Store opens.

This new, large Universal Studios Store stretches from Voodoo Doughnut to The Cowfish. The inside of the store is essentially separated into three areas, with the largest being”Harry Potter” and the Wizarding World.

Wand area in the back of the Universal Studios Store.

In the back, there is an area dedicated to wands and collectibles from the “Harry Potter” franchise. The center table contains three spinning pieces, each showing off different character wands for sale. On the ceiling, constellations showcase the four Hogwarts houses.

Close up look at the Harry Potter and Wizarding World details.

High-end merchandise is available storewide for man different movies and franchises. An interesting detail is the blueprints and sketch-ups seen throughout the store, as well. Located above merchandise racks, these detailed layouts depict buildings and ride vehicles. Plus, the depictions correlate to the merchandise being sold beneath them.

One of the main entrances for the Universal Studios Store.

Universal wouldn’t waste the front of the store, so of course we see merchandise related to its upcoming attraction, the Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

Jurassic World and Velocicoaster merchandise for sale.

In this area, there were two bits of merchandise to note. First, the Jurassic World Spirit Jersey, with dinosaurs hidden in the design; second is the new Coca-Cola VelociCoaster tumbler that includes a Coco-Cola Freestyle drink machine deal.

The Universal Studios Store registers and 360 projection screen.

Ready to check out? Head to the center of the store, where you will see this large 360-degree projection screen that showcases adventures you may embark on during your Universal Orlando Resort visit. It even has a few seconds of never-before-seen POV footage of the VelociCoaster. This area also offers a package pick-up.

Large candy area features themed candy options from Universal franchises.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is an entire area dedicated to mountains of sugar. These candies are themed to Universal properties as well, like “Jurassic Park,” “Minions,” “Shrek,” “E.T.,” and “Back to the Future.”

Simpsons section with shirts, pillows and ride schematics.

Sweetness also carries over into “The Simpsons” section, complete with large doughnut pillows, a schematic of The Simpsons’ Ride vehicle, and a selection of other merchandise.

T-shirt wall at the Universal Studios Store.

This is one of a few different T-shirt walls. The store also carries merchandise specific to the Universal Orlando Resort. Over in the Wizarding World section, guests are able to buy robes as well.

New Flagship Universal Studios Store Opens At Universal Orlando Resort CityWalk

Take a walking tour of the Universal Studios Store in the video above.

This new shop, along with the Universal Legacy Store next door, has greatly increased the Universal merchandise offerings in CityWalk. What merchandise will you grab first?


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