New Wizarding World merchandise available at the park and online

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure is still very busy. Most mornings guests are lined up just to get into the new area. So it comes as no surprise that Universal has run out of some of their exclusive Wizarding World merchandise. Some days the wand shelves are almost empty, the popular Pygmy Puffs are gone until next month, and you probably won’t be able to find a toy version of Harry’s white owl, Hedwig.

But don’t despair, some brand new merchandise has shown up onsite and Universal has opened an online store for those who can’t make it to Orlando anytime soon.

They’re no longer serving butterbeer in the souvenir hard plastic mugs. Now if you’d like a butterbeer glass to take home, this one is available. A bartender in Hog’s Head told me they went through what was supposed to be a two-year supply of the mugs already. He didn’t know if the mugs will be back. But don’t think Universal is pulling a fast one, the new hard plastic glasses hold the same amount as the mugs.

While I couldn’t make it inside many of the stores in the Wizarding World during a recent visit (too crowded), I stopped in the Trading Company souvenir store by the park entrance and spotted these new items below. While I don’t recall seeing them before, they may not all be brand new.

It’s nice there’s now a cheaper alternative for kids wanting a broomstick. The full size ones run more than $100, but these new smaller ones with light up bristles are $35.

Death Eater fans are now well represented with hats, mugs and T-shirts.

There are two chess boards for sale in the Trading Post. You have to look up high to see this one. It retails for $300.

This one behind the cage goes for $400.

Below are some more things that caught my eye. Have you seen anything else new not listed here? Someone said they’re now selling a $35 Monster Book of Monsters that really chases you around the room, although I haven’t seen it myself. UPDATE: Here’s a video of the Monster Book of Monsters:

Monster Book of Monsters toy from Wizarding World of Harry Potter


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