Nik Wallenda to walk across Legoland’s Pirate Island Hotel with pole made of LEGO

Shiver me timbers! After walking on a high wire over an active volcano in Nicaragua, Nik Wallenda’s next stunt will bring him to Central Florida to “walk the plank,” so to speak.

On April 16, Wallenda will walk from inside Legoland Florida to the new Pirate Island Hotel to kick off the resort’s opening festivities. Park and hotel guests are invited to take part and watch the nail-biting stunt safely from the ground.

Wallenda’s team will construct a high wire longer than 500 feet for the walk. They will also work closely with Legoland master model builders to craft LEGO bricks onto Wallenda’s 28-foot balance pole.  

This won’t be Wallenda’s first time performing a stunt in Central Florida. Back in 2015, to celebrate the opening of The Orlando Eye on International Drive, he walked on top of the 400 foot tall observation wheel while it was rotating. You can catch a glimpse of that in an episode of “The Attractions Show” below.

Attractions - The Show - Orlando Eye; The Boathouse; latest news - Apr. 30, 2015

We will be there to cover Wallenda’s Legoland Florida stunt in April, as well as the opening of the Pirate Island Hotel on April 17, so stay tuned! Reservations are available at


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