Take part in a thrilling theatrical game with #NOFILTER: A Digital Experience

#NOFILTER: A Digital Experience is a new offering from Pseudonym Productions that questions the difference between what is real and what is imagination.

Be yourself. For once. Only with #NOFILTER.

This journey will span both coasts of the U.S., and into the world of the supernatural, as it explores the current state of social media.

The experience is part game, part immersive theater, and players can take part online anywhere at any time – and have the chance to join in real life events in major cities throughout the country starting Oct. 2.

#NOFILTER takes players into an alternate timeline in which the U.S. Government has regulated social media, launching their own mandatory social network that every U.S. citizen is required to join.

Once drafted into the newly required social network Connections, players will take part in compulsory tasks like daily wellness routines and mandatory selfies – all while taking part in the stories of Nolan Stauf, the creator of Connections; Taylor Hill, the online yoga instructor-turned-influencer who hides her darker side out of fear of being on the wrong end of a Twitter mob; and Vokorev, the charismatic manipulator who is a little too good at bringing out a person’s best qualities as well as their worst.

“This is our chance to satirize the sad state of social networks,” said Sarah Elger, president and creative director of Pseudonym Productions. “Our live productions have successfully connected real people in fun and meaningful ways – which unfortunately is the exact opposite of the direction social media is headed, instead filling our digital lives with addiction, jealousy, and hate. With #NOFILTER, we are shining a spotlight on those very horrors, hoping this digital experience will help change that. And, in honor of the Halloween season, we’re doing it all in the most absurdly over-the-top ways possible.”

Each week of the six-week event, #NOFILTER will transcend the digital space and venture into the real world for physical “happenings.” You never know when this video game will turn real and reach out to you.

#NOFILTERAdvance registration to take part in #NOFILTER is now open at NoFilter.chat, and the full experience is set to launch on Oct. 2, continuing through mid-November.

Access to the story starts at $14 for “Followers,” the standard participation level. “Verified” and “Influencer” upgraded packages are also available, which include personalized interactions with characters like real-time video, texting, phone calls, physical mailings, leveled-up in-game status, bonus content, and more.

Space to participate is limited, so interested players are encouraged to sign up quickly. Live happenings will take place each week in select major cities in Florida, California and New York. Ticket fees are required to attend.

#NOFILTER is the latest digital experience from Pseudonym Productions. Some of their past experiences include “When Shadows Fall,” “Catharsis,” and “A Study of Dreams.”

To learn more about the story of #NOFILTER, and its gameplay, pricing, and packages, visit QuestionReality.com.

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