Now Open: Go on storytelling adventure in ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’

Guests can now meet and greet with Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” in a state-of-the-art meet and greet featuring a retelling of the famous “tale as old as time” with Belle herself. Enchanted Tales with Belle is an all-new attraction at New Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Here, Magic Kingdom guests are immersed into the enchanting “Beauty and the Beast” story as they enter Belle’s world through the provincial cottage of her father, Maurice, and are transported to Beast’s Castle.

Walt Disney Imagineers brought Belle’s world to life, energizing a “tale as old as time.” Guests are transfixed by a magic mirror portal and furniture that springs to life. Characters, costumes and props for guests leave behind the traditional meet and greet, and immerse guests into the animated film.

“You’re not just watching the experience…you’re living it,” said Chris Beatty, creative director for New Fantasyland with Walt Disney Imagineering.

The adventure starts on the winding stone pathway leading to Maurice’s Cottage. In the distance looms the Castle of the Beast. Belle’s father has used broken wagon wheels and other castoffs to fortify the fence. A water wheel, weather vanes and two chimneys complete the faithful reproduction of the cottage.

Evidence of Belle and her father greet guests arriving into Maurice’s Cottage. All about the room are stacks of books and sketches – reflecting Belle’s passion for reading and her father’s for inventing. Belle’s growth through the years is even noted by wall markings etched by her father. Once in Maurice’s workshop, we see light fixtures made from buckets, gears and even a failed flying contraption.

But what captivates guests most is the Enchanted Mirror. It’s Maurice’s most treasured possession that comes to life, transforming into a doorway that transports guests to the Beast’s Castle.

Guests are encouraged by Madame Wardrobe to gather and help plan a surprise for Belle. Using props, guests become part of the storytelling experience by playing the part of characters from “Beauty and the Beast,” including Maurice, Phillipe his horse and Beast’s whimsical household sidekicks Chip the teacup, Mrs. Potts the teapot and the Beast himself.

Lumiere invites guests into the Beast’s library and calls to Belle, who is preparing for her dinner with the Beast. As Lumiere narrates, Belle and her surprise guests share in a fun-filled, interactive storytelling adventure – the “tale as old as time” — before she dashes off to see the Beast.

See the full meet and greet experience below:

Full Enchanted Tales with Belle experience in New Fantasyland - Disney's Magic Kingdom

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