Original Epcot icon design flags debut at reimagined park entrance

Epcot is in a state of becoming, with a look towards the future and a nod to the past. Another example of this happened today, when the Walt Disney Imagineering Epcot team raised the park’s six original icon designs on 12 new flag poles.

Epcot icon flags in front of Spaceship Earth

Originally shared on Imagineer Zach Ridley’s Instagram, the Epcot project team raised these new flags featuring six original Epcot icons. These 12 flagpoles, which flank Spaceship Earth, are part of the finishing touch celebration for the new entrance plaza.

Epcot icon flags being raised.

These park icons were around when Epcot originally opened in 1982. They have stood the test of time as they continue to represent the core areas of the park.

Park entrance icon flags being put in place by Walt Disney Imagineering.

It was also announced that Epcot will be debuting new park entrance music. There will also be a new color-coordinated light ribbon around the entirety of the plaza rim. This light ribbon will be connected to the colors and effects of the newly installed entrance fountain.

Epcot’s ‘Leave A Legacy’ Walls Return With New Look

Walt Disney Imagineering also recently brought back the Leave A Legacy walls, with a refreshed design in a new area right outside of the park.

GIF of icon flags.

Are you excited for the continual renovation of Epcot’s park entrance? Or, are you possibly nervous about the new entrance music replacing a beloved set of Disney songs? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. The new entrance music will never improve upon the original loop that played when the park opened in 1982!!!! Luckily, we can still hear the old one on You Tube.