‘Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show’, Episode 67 for March 15, 2012

It’s pajama party week! Join hosts Heather Leonardi and A. Ali Flores for this week’s Orlando-area theme park and attraction news.
On this week’s Show:

• Spider-Man ride reopens with upgrades at Universal Orlando
• News in the Queue: D23 Expo dates set; Universal Mardi Gras concerts; Epcot Flower and Garden guests; Playlist Live coming to Orlando;
• Jaws ride fan video
• Help Haiti Rebuild Globally 5K announcement
• Hidden Mickey of the Week
• The Show schedule change
• Travel Tip: Don’t forget the allergy medicine
• A look at Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival
• Fan Shout Outs
• PLUS much more…

The Show - March 15, 2012 - Orlando Attractions Magazine - Episode 67

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  1. I´m very sad to hear you guys are changing the schedule of the show. I hear you and I understand but it also happened with the magazine and it resulted for me in canceling it because I like to hear the news when (or rather befor) it´s happening.
    With a monthly interval I´m sure I already heard, read or saw the news already, just like the new minigolf courses at Universal Citywalk that where missing from this episode.
    I know you do it free and it´s a lot of work and awesome but I just don´t see this work, sorry.

  2. We’re changing the show to offer more behind the scenes, inside interviews and segments from inside the parks. It make up for the weekly news, Kevin Yee’s weekly Photo Finds video will be merged with our News in the Queue segment, which will be pulled from the show to still be weekly but in a stand-alone format.

  3. Personally, I think you’re killing yourselves trying to make the show better than it needs to be. I would rather have four up to date half-assed shows a month that cover a multitude of fresh topics. It’s like you’re trying to go pro and get picked up by a network or something.

    I imagine some genius at one of your meetings said, “I have a great idea. Let’s do only one show a month, but make it a really, really good show. Ugh! Way to sail away to obscurity. How many popular shows are you aware of that release monthly? I suspect 3 weeks from now my kids will forget the show ever existed.

    Hey Matt, perhaps you should change the name of the new monthly show to “Orlando’s Behind the Scenes, Inside Interviews, and Segments from Inside the Parks.” No doubt that will set the ratings on fire. 😉

    Hopefully, another group of people will pick up the slack and put a weekly show out without being all caught up in the production value. Does anyone know of another weekly attraction highlight show that is currently available, or soon to be available, over the Internet? It’s not work if you’re doing what you love. Hmmmmm…..

  4. The new format will be interesting and I think you should apply for a spot on travel channel! I would love to see it on TV in New York!

  5. Tim: Getting picked up by a network would be great.
    As I said above, we’re still going to have a weekly show that gives all the news. Look for “News in the Queue” as a weekly show starting in April.
    The decision to make The Show monthly wasn’t just about better quality. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to make the show as it is weekly. We considered keeping it weekly and charging for it, but we wanted to keep it free for all.

  6. “News in the Queue” is a segment, awesome, but beeing there, showing us everything as you do know is just awesome and a weekly boost for my funnybone. The productionvalues are great, nothing wrong with it. Don´t get me wrong I like to have the inside, behind the scenes, indepth stuff but it should be upon your current show, not as a substitude.
    If it´s not broken don´t fix it.

  7. Without going into too much detail, here’s the breakdown, The Show costs thousands of dollars to make a month between equipment, labor, power and even things like gas money. You guys get to watch it for free.

    A show that costs money to make. A show that everyone gets to watch for free. So we were faced with an extremely tough decision. Start charging or make it once a month. After the kind of response we’ve gotten for going down to once a month, I can’t even begin to imagine what people would be saying if we asked them to pay money to buy or rent the episodes.

    If you want the show to return to a weekly format, you can help. The Show is supported entirely 100% by the print magazine. (Something we’ve said numerous times.) Like you, we want The Show to stay weekly too. (And Tim…comments like yours really dig the knife in. Apparently, you think we’re out to ruin your fun, your kids fun. And all I can say is that we’ve been sacrificing time, money and sleep for months to bring people this show for free EVERY single week. All we want is to bring joy, so your speculations about why we’re doing what we’re doing couldn’t be further off base.)

    If you are really a fan of the show and you’re sad to see it go to once a month, buy a magazine subscription, tell your friends to buy magazine subscriptions, post links to The Show on Facebook and Twitter to help us advertise or do something positive and proactive to help us attract viewers to the show.

    We’ll be re-evaluating whether or not we can go weekly again this July. If we have the financial support and the viewership to justify it, we’ll make it so.

    We love our viewers, we love what we do. We’d love to be able to do it every week. And if the subscriptions are there, we will.

    In the meantime, just know that making nasty comments to the people behind-the-scenes accomplishes absolutely nothing. It doesn’t help us attract viewers or pay the bills and it’s certainly not any good for morale. It’s nice to know that after all of our hard work, The Show will be forgotten in three weeks time because we have to seek the financial support to continue The Show.

    Withdrawing your support of a show you’ve enjoyed for free for months because you’re frustrated isn’t going to help bring The Show back to being once-a-week. If you want it back, keep watching and help spread the word about The Show and the magazine.

  8. I’ve been watching the show since episode one. It’s a bummer to see it go to monthly but i completely understand the financial implications of producing a weekly show. I just wanted to throw this thought out there. Has the possibility of selling ad space within the show been considered?