Orlando theme parks share update for coronavirus

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando have all shared updates in regard to their employees’ safety amid the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.


Walt Disney World

While Walt Disney World is still operating normally, the resort is setting up a COVID-19 information hotline for cast members to access.

A spokesperson for Disney told People Magazine that the company is continuing to monitor the situation:

We know there is new information this week about Coronavirus in Florida. We have very stringent sanitation procedures in place at Walt Disney World Resort. We are in close contact with health agencies for information and guidance, and at this time, we are continuing to communicate to our Cast the importance of preventative measures such as frequent handwashing and rigorous cleaning processes.

For guest convenience, we have placed additional hand sanitizers throughout our parks and resorts and will adjust our protocols as the situation warrants.

Currently, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disney Resort are all closed due to the coronavirus.

Universal Orlando Resort

John Sprouls, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Universal Parks & Resorts, released a coronavirus update for team members on the team member website.

In the update, Sprouls told team members that Universal Parks & Resorts are working with health officials and experts in the industry at all of their parks, and are continuing to encourage best health practices and monitoring the situation at hand. Universal Studios Japan has been temporarily closed, with a projected reopening date set for March 16.

Sprouls also said that Universal team members are encouraged to stay home from work if they begin to experience flu-like symptoms and to wash hands frequently. If team members have questions, they can contact their supervisor or manager.

SeaWorld Orlando

The SeaWorld Orlando employee website has a link to the CDC website, along with their recommendations for staying safe.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, cough, and trouble breathing. Most people develop just mild symptoms, but some, usually those with other medical complications, can develop more severe symptoms, including pneumonia.

We will continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus and Central Florida’s theme parks, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.


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    1. I understand and concern about spreading the coronavirus in the theme park in Orlando. Because I I planned to go to the theme park in April. Maybe I cancelled my plan to go to Florida or I still plan to go there unless they are very serious about virus. Make sure people don’t get any virus. I will make decisions about it. May reschedule date later until virus gone.

    2. what ??? You don’t think universal should be open but Disney , fun spot , seaworld , bush gardens should be that so dumb

      1. I think they meant universal studios Japan opening on March 16 being to soon. I think all the parks in Japan and china are going to be closed longer. In the US they are cleaning more and putting up hand sanitizer stations but I still admit I have been going less.

  1. I think they should close all parks because the wait on lines u have to be around people who cough all over u and the kids plus kids touch everything , it’s just for a short period of time . Think about it .

    1. Should we close public transportation? School? Work? Are you aware that the flu is more contagious and way more people have died from it. Washing your hands should be common practice especially at public places like the mall, school, work…. come on. Stop buying into the hype.

      1. The CDC has been warning that work and school closures will likely occur soon (they already are in some states). Sorry to burst your bubble, but Coronavirus is between 15 and 25 times more fatal than the flu. Additionally, no one has immunity to the Coronavirus (up to 15% of infected require hospitalization, 5% needing ICU). Just because some symptoms appear similar to the flu doesn’t mean we should treat them as the same. Also keep in mind that in the USA, there are on average 3 hospital beds per 1000 people. Imagine how overrun the medical system would be if just 2% of all people needed hospitalization (That’s 20 people per thousand). Two weeks ago Italy had a handful of cases while today it is in the thousands. People can have the virus while showing and feeling no signs for up to two weeks and still spread it to others. That means that the actual number of people who have the virus today won’t likely be reflected until two weeks from now (and that’s only if the testing capacity expands to properly test). South Korea is able to test more than 10,000 people per day while the US still has tested less than 1,000 people combined to date.

        1. The CDC said fatalities from the already known flues is 0.01% of cases and fatalities from covid19 is 0.03% of cases. Not exactly the Black Death.

  2. Are you freaking kidding me !!!! Crazy … My son might be wearing that face mask sooner then I thought.

  3. GUYS . Y’all are doing TOO MUCH . First off you guys weren’t afraid of getting the flu this way so what’s the problem. Y’all are STUPID 😂they come out with a new sickness every 3 years ..

    1. I’m Uber driver transport dozens of guest into the theme parks. Prevention is the most important line of defense. Personally I sanitize my car every two riders and keep hand sanitizer in my car.

    2. It’s a personal decision. If you aren’t comfortable being around thousands of people from all around the world, stay home.

  4. We are heading to Orlando tomorrow, March 7/20 and we are so worried about the virus. I don’t even know if we will visit a major theme park. The long lines, being so close to so many people, touching the railings, the rides, etc. Way too much risk. So disappointed as we’ve been waiting for months to go and have some fun on the rides!!!

      1. That’s not true. I’m hear now been here 14 days. The queues are the same as this time last year. 5 hours for the new one at Hollywood studios.

  5. I’ll be at Universal on March 20 weekend. I think the panic is ridiculous but I would not be upset if a lot of people stayed home and I had shorter lines. Wash your hands, people. Problem solved.

  6. I really hope it will not go to such extremes that the parks will be closed. I mean im sorry but people go way up in the hype and the media.

    Still the numbers worldwide of the flu are bigger also in deaths. Only know its scary because it is an unknown virus but same was years ago : sars, mers, mexican flu etc. The media has made the world so afraid the last couple of years.. Other news now a days you dont hear anymore… Only corona, i hope everyone will be well who is affected by it and hope it will stop soon.

    But people please stop panicking and stop going up in this hype cause thats what the media wants.. Also the parks have only ever been closed due to 9/11 and hurricanes and never for a worldwide break out from a virus.. so why is everyone screaming now that it is stupid and that they should close every park… The mexican flu in 2009/2010 was a pandemic outbreak and still the parks were open… A lot more people got infected and died. Look it up… Do not believe the media only but also look at the statistics and facts..

    1. I have a trip planned in April and I can’t wait. This may sound crazy but I still want to live my life. I really hope that the parks stay open.

      1. Hey Tiff, I feel the same although I’m worried a little. I’m trying to wait it out for two weeks to make a decision.

        1. Same, we are worried. Leave on April 7th and have 5 day pass to Universal. Things are getting crazy. I honestly hope they will credit us our money for a later date. We bought the promo so at this point it seems if we don’t go, we will be out the money.

    2. Stop blaming the Media . Why does the media have to be blamed for everything that happens in this country . The media has been listening and reporting what the experts and what the medical personnel are saying . That’s it . So sick of this media blaming .

  7. If the state of florida is not testing for virus how could you think it is safe for community all major conventions are cancelled ???????????????

  8. Let’s be real Disney etc dont care about its employees or customers. They just stay open because profit. Even if the virus affected 90% of employees they’d still expect you to go to work. Dont be fooled. Washing hands and hand sanitizer dont prevent you from getting corona virus. Keyword Virus. Hand sanitizer is as good as just running your hands under water. It’s an airborne thing that can be acquired by someone coughing or sneezing your way. So dont expect these parks to close even if the kitchens and merch teams were afflicted.

  9. feel so disappointed to Disney, contact them a couple of times, they still say will not fully refund your tickets and said they will still open, one person in FL already died because of coronavirus, there are more people also have coronavirus, they still open the parks, they don’t care about the safety of their guests and employee, have them taking a risk to work at the parks and going to the parks. Only saying they will have hand sanitizer available at the parks and they will keep cleaning the parks (for sure they will not clean the rides after the people get off, then let’s the next group to go), do they know the coronavirus can stay on a item for more than a day. All the Asian Disney already close to make everyone to safe, it’s not the American one. Good luck DISNEY, hope no one get infect at your parks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m disappointed in all the amusement parks at this moment in time. NBA games suspended! Big Ten tournament going forward without fans in the stands ! Refund the tickets for those that want to avoid large crowds which is exactly what the CDC is recommending! Public safety is much more important than the profits!

  11. We are leaving for our 1 time a year vacation to Florida on Friday next week and do plan on going to Disney and universal for a day to each park. I hope it doesn’t close.. I am not overly worried about the virus at this point but right now am keeping an eye on things as they go day to day! I hope they don’t close the Canada/US boarders! I do believe the hype def gets blown up though.