Out of the Loop: A look at Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California ScienCenter



Last year we watched as shuttle orbiter Endeavour left the Kennedy Space Center for its final flight, to Los Angeles. Endeavour is now on display at the California ScienCenter.

Here’s video of Endeavour, including details of how the orbiter is protected from earthquakes.

Space Shuttle Endeavour's journey to the California ScienCenter - NASA

diagram Endeavour is currently in a temporary building. A permanent gallery will be built and the orbiter will be on display vertically. Museum guests will be able to see the shuttle mounted on an external tank with solid boosters. It will be as if the shuttle is about to launch and they are looking at it from a launch pad gantry.

model Additional galleries will also be built with displays of some of aircraft developed and built in California.

dc8 Exposition Park, where the ScienCenter is located, has this DC-8 on display.

skid These are the tires from Endeavour’s final landing. Notice the skidding from touch down.

lavatory A shuttle lavatory.

apollo The ScienCenter has many more NASA displays, including an Apollo capsule.


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