Out of the Loop: A look at the original SeaWorld park in San Diego

San Diego hosts the original SeaWorld park. It shares some attractions with our park in Orlando, but many of these attractions have some interesting differences.

Just like in Orlando, there is a One Ocean show featuring Shamu.

And San Diego also has a Blue Horizons show featuring dolphins. However, notice how the stadium seating is open air, open sun! This view is from the Sky Tower. A full-circle view of the park is seen in the following video.

SeaWorld San Diego sky tower view

Another open air stadium is for the Cirque de la Mer show, which is right on Mission Bay, an inlet from the Pacific Ocean.

The SeaWorld skyway spans across Perez Cove, and a pleasure boat harbor.

A new attraction is a Manta roller coaster, which is the blue track zipping across the landscape here.

The San Diego version of Manta is more related to Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa. Manta in San Diego hugs the ground and has tight high-speed twists and turns. You can see what the San Diego Manta ride is like in this video.

Front Row Manta roller coaster ride-through at SeaWorld San Diego

Another attraction that San Diego shares with Orlando is Journey to Atlantis. In this video you’ll see some surprises in the second half of the ride.

Front Row Journey to Atlantis ride-through at SeaWorld San Diego

San Diego also has a raft ride.

As well as this spinning raft ride, Riptide Rescue.

The entrance to Shark Encounter has this tropical evening setting.

A popular attraction is feeding Manta Rays.

There is also a Pacific Point area where guests can feed sea lions. Guests enjoyed watching this sea lion putting on a show with the fish, as seen in the video below.

Sea Lion juggling its food at SeaWorld San Diego

The San Diego landscaping includes a lot of desert plants which actually look aquatic.

The landscaping is rich and colorful like in Orlando, but with a different palette of flowers.


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