Own a prop from Universal Studios’ Shrek 4-D attraction

Shrek 4-D opened at Universal Studios Florida on June 12, 2003 and it closed on January 10, 2022. Now, fans of the attraction can keep the memories alive by owning an original, park-used prop.

Shrek 4-D prop
Photos courtesy of The Vault Collectibles

The Vault Collectibles booth, located at Lakeland Antique Mall and owned by Eric Zinkann, specializes in theme park props, sourced “directly through the appropriate channels.” With the permanent closing of Universal’s Shrek 4-D attraction, a large inventory has become available.

Although a headliner piece – the Pinocchio animatronic that was formerly used in the attraction’s pre-show area – sold for $7,500 to the owner of the Orlando Informer website, many other props are available, some in duplicate.

“Most people don’t know that there were two theaters,” Eric said, “hence, two of each prop. Yep. Two Pinocchios, two sets of pigs, etcetera.”

Among the Shrek 4-D items for sale right now are:

OgreVision glasses bins, a Lord Farquaad Returns from Grave sign, Shrek and Donkey Coming Soon sign, each used in the queue.

Bed of nails prop, head and arms stock prop, and a torture cage prop used in the pre-show area.

Donkbo, Enchanted Tick Room, and Presented in OgreVision signs.

Olde Smokey banner and prop wall sconce used in the attraction’s gift shop.

Examples of pricing:

$3,500 for the Disney-themed Enchanted Tick Room sign.

$3,500 for the Disney-themed Donkbo sign.

$2,000 for the Lord Farquaad Returns from Grave sign.

$1,600 for the “bed of nails” prop.

$800 for the OgreVision glasses bins.

Further items will become available as space permits.

Lakeland Antique Mall is located at 3530 U.S. Highway 98 N., just off I-4, approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Walt Disney World. For more, visit VaultCollectibles.com.


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