Paddlefish offering special lunch combos, only for those ‘In The Know’

Paddlefish restaurant in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World is now offering special weekday lunchtime combos that we just happen to know about (channeling our inner Judy Dench, for those even more in the know).

Paddlefish restaurant at Disney Springs
Stuffed cod at Paddlefish restaurant at Disney Springs

While these item are on the regular menu, they aren’t in these special pairings, at these special prices. They’re being kept “hush, hush”, unless you know to ask for them. They are:

The Burger – Paired with Paddlefish Larger for $25

Stuffed Cod – Paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for $38

Kids Cheeseburger – Paired with a kids-size Strawberry Basil Lemonade $12

The burger alone is $19, so it’s like getting a beer for only $6, and the cod is on the regular menu at $35, so it’s like getting a nice glass of wine for only $3.

The Burger and beer at Paddlefish restaurant at Disney Springs

Remember, you have to ask for this special menu to order these, and they’re only available from noon until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Paddlefish invited us out to try the “Shhhh Special Lunch Combos” and they were delicious.

Now you know, so you’re in the know. Head to to make reservations or find more information.


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  1. Great Judy Dench reference Matt
    I now have the voice over speech for Spaceship Earth playing mentally in my head
    Thanks 😀