Phantom Fright Nights return to Kennywood Park Sept. 28

From the dark corners of Kennywood, an aura of foreboding emerges over the park. Phantom Fright Nights (PFN) are returning with a vengeance this year for its 17th season.

phantom fright nights
Phantom Fright Nights are back this weekend at Kennywood. Source: Stephan Hazuga

Starting Friday, Sept. 28, The Halloween event will take over Kennywood on Fridays, Saturdays and select Sundays through Oct. 28.

The scares will start early, as the new Welcoming Committee will crowd the park’s entrance tunnel like never before. Each of PFN’s 10 haunted areas will be lurking through the fog, on the hunt for new victims.

phantom fright nights
Source: Kennywood

“Our team of more than 250 makeup artists, costume designers and scare actors give their all every fall to make Phantom Fright Nights the highlight of Pittsburgh’s Halloween season,” said Marie Ruby, director of ride operations and creative director of the haunt event. “When coupled with our roller coasters and other one-of-a-kind rides, PFN provides a total package of thrills that has few rivals.”

The haunt lineup for this year’s event includes:

  • Villa of the Vampire – An old and powerful vampire known as “The Master” came to Kennywood long ago and built his villa to house his dark children. This year, he opens his doors once again to guests… but will they join his pack, or become their dinner?
  • BioFear– A horrible accident has occurred in a top-secret government genetics research facility. Will there be enough time for you to escape before the rabid mutants and infected scientists get you?
  • Mortem Manor – Kennywood’s original haunted attraction is back once again. Dmitri, the Mortem family patriarch, is ready to greet guests and show them all that once lived in this giant mansion. You might like it so much that you’ll want to stay…forever.
phantom fright nights
Source: Heather Schur
  • Voodoo Bayou – Enter a world filled with swamp creatures and voodoo priestesses who have conjured up the dead to prey upon the living. Those who possess the power of voodoo will have the ability to unleash your fears upon you here.
  • Dark Shadows – The Shadows are everywhere, playing tricks on your mind as you make your way through this pitch black nightmare. Don’t let the darkness get the best of you.
  • Kennyville Cemetery – Here you’ll find the remains of the legendary figures of Kennywood’s past. During the month of October, these figures awake from their endless slumber to walk the earth once again, and they don’t take kindly to unwelcome visitors.
  • Haunted Ark – While Noah befriended the animals aboard his Ark, the Phantom’s presence warped his mind. Wearing the faces of his former four-legged friends, Noah is ready for their next sacrifice: YOU!
  • Friday the 13th 4-D Experience – Terror enters a new dimension with this experience. Jason Voorhees will attack anyone who enters the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake with frighting 3-D and hair-raising special effects.
  • Fear Fest – Step right up and enter this Festival of Fear, where the most demented clowns are ready to entertain you at your own expense.
phantom fright nights
Source: Jake Mysliwczyk
  • Gory Park – A modern-day zombie apocalypse has taken over this city park. The parkgoers and city public works employees have turned into rabid flesh-eaters looking for their next victim. Will it be you?
  • Death Valley – Go back in time on the ghost train for your chance to mine for gold, or stop in the local town to visit some of its original citizens. They might have died a century ago, but that doesn’t mean their spirits have moved on.

Tickets to PFN are $33.99 at the park’s entrance, and discounts are available online and by picking up coupons at local Spirit Halloween locations.

College students and select Kennywood Season Passholders can get in for half-price on the first (Sept. 28-29) and last (Oct. 26-28) weekends of the event, as well as Sunday, Oct. 7. Students and Passholders must present valid ID to receive their discount.

Phantom Fright Nights is not recommended for children under the age of 13. Masks, costume makeup, and costumes themselves are not allowed. To learn more, and to purchase tickets, visit


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