Photo Update: Emporium remodeled and more at Busch Gardens Tampa

After a long refurbishment, The Emporium has now reopened and is better than ever with an all new design, merchandise and more. Check out the brand new vibrant sign above the entrance above. 

The new store features tons of new merchandise along with a sleek new look.

2012 themed merchandise is now for sale too.

The checkout area is set up similar to Disney’s now and flows a lot better than the old version.

A new character buffet is available for a limited time in the Sesame Street Safari of Fun area for families. It seems like a great deal.

Over in Timbuktu, the Timbuktu Theater hasn’t been having showings of their 4D shows daily anymore for some unknown reason.

New black harnesses can now been seen on the B&M coasters in the park including Sheikra, Kumba, and Montu.

Brandon Halther, one of our readers, sent in this up-close photo of them from the Coaster Insider Tour. Watch for our behind the scenes coaster tour with host Banks Lee in an upcoming episode of The Show.

The Easter Bunny is now holding a meet and greet in a new Easter Garden in the Bird Gardens for a limited time.

New Bismarck Palms have been planted around the Zagora Cafe to offer guests some shad They aed an authentic feel to the area as they are indigenous to Madagascar.

Stay tuned to Orlando Attractions Magazine for any new happenings at Busch Gardens.


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