Photo Update: What's new and different at Hollywood Studios – May 2010

I was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Monday to get some pictures of the new Toy Story 3 character, Lotso. (You can read more about him by clicking here.) But I figured while I was at the park I’d have a look around.

On my way to see Lotso in the Animation Building, I noticed they now have a way for you to get directly to the characters without having to see The Magic of Disney Animation show. I guess I don’t have to cut through the gift shop anymore.

Going this alternate route brings you by this seldom seen area. In this courtyard are the imprints from a group of animatiors that worked on early Disney animated films. Here you’ll find Marc Davis, Ken Anderson, Ken O’Connor, Ward Kimball, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

If you do go directly to the characters, you may miss this section dedicated to the new Toy Story 3 film. Go left when you get in the building to see it.

I especially thought this was neat. It’s a family picture as seen in the movie trailers.

My son wants some of these new actions figures from the Phineas and Ferb cartoon. They were also selling some kids Phineas and Ferb T-shirts.

I noticed a couple of things I hadn’t before in the One Man’s Dream exhibit. First was this model of the Peter Pan ride.

The other was this model of the gangster area of The Great Movie Ride.

In case you didn’t know, the dancing Luxo Jr. is no longer appearing in Pixar Place. And in case you didn’t get to see him, here’s a video:

Disney Pixar's Luxo Jr. dancing lamp animatronic at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

A look at the new menu at the Studio Catering Co.

They were cleaning this backdrop, but it looks like they’re window washers.

Marvel comic books for sale in The Writer’s Stop. They also sell a lot of Marvel merchandise at the Legends of Hollwood store on Sunset Boulevard.

He wasn’t listed on the Times Guide, but Chewbacca was meeting guests outside of Star Tours. I guess he’s getting ready for Star Wars Weekends.

Looks like this Great Movie Ride cast member wanted to get a look at Lotso in the Block Party Bash.

These graduates had their Mickey ears on.

A video would have been better, but I got this shot of some custodial cast members following the parade as it went down the street. They were dancing along to the music.

Muppet*Vision 3D is closed for refurbishment, but it’s supposed to reopen this Saturday. I spoke to a cast member outside the attraction who said the film has been transferred to Digital 3D and it looks “amazing.” I asked about the preshow possibly changing and she said it would be changing at least to remove the Kodak references, since they’re no longer a sponsor, but she didn’t know if it would be a whole new show. She said other improvements will include new flat-screen TVs for the preshow, and they’re fixing some things that had stopped working such as the fireworks on the ceiling and smoke during the show.

Some new logo t-shirts for sale.

I’d heard they were going to change all the toy guns from a realistic brown to bright colors, but this was the first time I noticed them. I’m guessing airports security is happy about this.

They’re refurbishing the large guitar outside of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like the guitar was totally white. They’re probably stripping it down before painting it red again.

The Photopass store is now selling a CD full of professional photos taken around Walt Disney World.

On my way out I snapped a picture of this “policeman in disguise”. He was writing a citation to an “illegally parked” scooter.

In case you ever wondered what the citations said, they’re made to look pretty real.


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  1. glad they finally cleaned up the animators tribute area. there had been almost completely covered with leaves, and there were stains everywhere on the concrete. happy to see that.

  2. The split for the animation meet and greet has been around since at least Dec. I visited and laughed at people who would get out of line to go to the shorter line to find out that was for the meet and greet area. But you can still do the Animation Academy that way. The guns have also been changed for a long while! Thanks for the updates, look forward to more of them!

  3. Jeremiah: Thanks. It often happens that I see something and wonder if it’s new or not. There’s just so much to see.