PHOTOS: Close-up on Cinderella Castle’s 50th anniversary look

Cinderella Castle has had to undergo a massive change to prepare for its 50th anniversary look. Rose gold coloring was added, the castle turrets were painted a vibrant royal blue, and gold accents were added everywhere. And recently, the 50th anniversary crest was hoisted into place. Cinderella Castle is nearly 50 years old, so let’s take a look to see what changes spruce up this structure for its big day.

Cinderella Castle 50th anniversary look, with new anniversary crest.
Photos by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram.

While smaller in comparison to the rest of the castle, this crest is anything but small. The Disney Parks TikTok account gave a behind-the-scenes look at the installation. In the video, you can see an Imagineer lay on the crest, which truly showcases its massive size.

Cinderella Castle POPS at the end of Main Street U.S.A.

Cinderella Castle is vibrant at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., and it does make a powerful centerpiece for the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration. It is worth noting that if you haven’t seen the new color scheme in person yet, you may notice it looks very different in the photos and videos you see online. The pink color is greatly affected by distance and lighting. From our personal experience, the further away you are, the more pink the castle looks. On the monorail, it does appear like a darker color, but up-close, the color becomes more subdued. This is also altered by the amount of sunlight being cast on the castle.

Cinderella Castle 50th anniversary crest.

The 50th anniversary crest is using the new “EARidescence” color scheme. This color scheme will be used on new merchandise as well as the upcoming cast member 50th anniversary name tags. This color scheme is being used in nearly all logos and released media for the 50th anniversary 18-month long celebration.

Close-up on golden gargoyle.

For an extreme close-up, take a look at this golden gargoyle. You can click this photo to see an even higher resolution and zoom in on the work. Taking on a paint project of this scale required a dedicated crew and many, many work hours.

Bioreconstruct got this shot of the “paint by number” design that was used during the castle’s repainting procedure. Now, for a regularly used bit of trivia: how many stones were used to create Cinderella Castle? Zero. While the castle doesn’t use real stones, it is still a really big icon in the theme park world. In fact, on Instagram alone, #CinderellaCastle has been used 647,394 times as of the time of this article posting.

Vertical (tall) photo of crest and new paint job.

Everything needs to be perfect for the Cinderella Castle 50th anniversary look. The anniversary is in two months and marks one of the biggest moments in Walt Disney World’s history. And, with the harder year behind in 2020, this moment marks a forward push to new opportunities.

How do you like this 50th anniversary design? Have you seen the new look in person yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Great article Tharin
    Thanks for the reference to the castle trivia question as I use it with many of my friends
    My question is after the celebration is over will the castle return to its original color scheme or will the rose gold remain permanently?

    1. While not confirmed, we believe it will go back to its original color scheme after the 18-month 50th anniversary celebration. This color scheme and set of decorations have not been touted as permanent. So, much like the cake castle and the 50th anniversary decorations for Disneyland’s celebration, we do not think these will stay forever. Make sure to enjoy them for now!