PHOTOS: Creations Shop, new merchandise location, now open at Epcot

Creations Shop, the new flagship merchandise location at Epcot, officially opened its doors today — marking yet another milestone in the ongoing transformation of the park.

creations shop

Creations Shop, according to Disney, “celebrates Disney’s legacy of creativity by honoring the nostalgia of Epcot’s past and the exciting promises of Epcot’s future.” Disney Imagineers utilized one-of-a-kind art installations, a contemporary architectural design scheme and meaningful souvenirs to bring this retail space to life. Each detail inside was purposefully chosen to tell this ongoing story of Epcot.

creations shop

Mickey Mouse can be seen prominently in a number of homages to the character throughout the store, including large murals and a collection of 10 original sculptures crafted by Imagineers.

The store offers unique merchandise inspired by the iconic park. One collection, exclusive to Creations Shop, is the Epcot Light & Color Collection — an assortment of futuristic apparel and accessories inspired by Epcot’s transformation. Through the use of specific bold colors and park landmarks, this collection explores the story of Epcot in a way that is wearable!

Creations Shop is located in what is now known as the World Celebration neighborhood, which also includes the Imagination pavilion, Spaceship Earth, and the Odyssey Events Pavilion.

You can check out our video tour of the new store below:

New Creations Shop opens at Epcot

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