Photos and video from ‘Titanic: The Exhibition’ in Los Angeles

by Jeff DePaoli

It’s been over 100 years since the sinking of Titanic, yet the tragic history of the “unsinkable” ship still fascinates so many. If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping aboard the ship and walking in spaces like Titanic’s Grand Staircase, you can do just that at Titanic: The Exhibition in Los Angeles, where they’ve recreated some of the ship’s most iconic locations.

titanic exhibition
Photos by Jeff DePaoli

As the largest and most immersive touring Titanic exhibition, the experience is a narrative journey that brings the fates of the passengers and crew aboard the sinking ship to light. Each guest is assigned the name of a real person who journeyed aboard Titanic. Later in the experience you’ll discover whether or not you survived the disaster.

titanic exhibition
titanic first class
titanic hallway

As you step aboard the “ship,” you’ll be immediately surrounded by the beautiful architecture and decor that guests of the actual ship witnessed. Seen here is a recreation of a first class hallway.

titanic grand staircase
titanic exhibition
titanic exhibition

Perhaps one of the most iconic locations on Titanic is the Grand Staircase. At Titanic: The Exhibition, you can step inside a two-story full-scale recreation of this famous staircase. As this experience allows you to go at your own pace, you’ll have plenty of time to take in every detail.

white star line artifacts

Throughout much of the exhibit you will also find actual artifacts related to Titanic. This particular exhibit isn’t as artifact-heavy as Titanic museums you may have visited since Titanic: The Exhibition focuses more on recreated rooms from the ship, but there are a decent amount of artifacts to be seen, including paperwork like tickets and postcards, as well as items from other White Star Line ships.

titanic first class
titanic exhibition

Aboard Titanic: The Exhibition, you can witness first hand the differences between the various accommodation classes aboard the ship. While there is a stark difference seen here between first class and lower class, accommodations for all classes were typically better than you would find aboard other ships of the day.

titanic exhibition

Step “outside” onto the ship’s promenade deck complete with a starry night sky. The sounds of the ocean can be heard as you walk along the deck.

titanic movie
titanic heart of the ocean

If you’re a fan of the 1997 film “Titanic,” you’ll be delighted to see costume pieces from the blockbuster movie on display. “Titanic” is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and will be re-released on the big screen in February. Pairing a screening of the movie with a visit to Titanic: The Exhibition would be a grand way to spend a day for any mega-fan of the movie.

Titanic: The Exhibition is now open in Los Angeles. There is a VIP+ option which includes a VR experience. For ticket and to learn more, click here.

Watch a walking tour of Titanic: The Exhibition in our YouTube video below:

Titanic: The Exhibition in Los Angeles

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