Pixar Pals parking structure now open for Disneyland Resort guests

The new Pixar Pals parking structure opened on June 30 for Disneyland Resort guests, months ahead of schedule.

pixar pals
Photos by Melanie Gable

By Melanie Gable

The new parking structure features additional entry lanes and a new electronic inventory system, intended to accelerate the guest parking process and reduce traffic in the areas surrounding the west side of the resort. Guests are able to enter Pixar Pals in their vehicles on Magic Way or by one of the connecting bridges from the Mickey & Friends parking structure.

pixar pals

Pixar Pals features six floors themed to characters from Disney/Pixar films “The Incredibles,” “Coco,” “Cars,” “Monster’s, Inc.,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Inside Out,” and adds more than 5,000 parking spaces to the Disneyland Resort.

pixar pals
pixar pals

The structure has escalators down to the ground level and three elevators on each floor for guests with strollers and wheelchairs. There are two additional elevators on the Magic Way side on every floor that provide access to the lower level ADA section and a gate to the Magic Way sidewalk, but are not connected to the tram loading area. 

disneyland views
pixar pals

As an added bonus, the structure offers sweeping views of the resort, including the black spires of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and a large Luxo Ball sculpture near the escalators on the ground floor provides a fun photo opportunity for Pixar fans.

mickey & friends tram

All guests parking in the Pixar Pals or Mickey & Friends structures are currently being directed to the new security screening and tram loading area on the ground floor of Pixar Pals. No additional restrooms have been added and are still only available near the escalators of Mickey & Friends.

magic way pedestrian bridge

Guests wishing to stroll through the Downtown Disney District to get to the parks can access Magic Way by walking past the security screening area and Pixar Pals elevators to get to the sidewalk. The Magic Way Pedestrian Bridge is currently under construction (set to be completed mid-September) and is designed to eliminate foot traffic and enhance safety around the structures. The bridge will lead visitors from the Pixar Pals structure over Magic Way to access the resort.

Guests may also choose to park in the Toy Story lot on Harbor Boulevard, which provides buses over to the front entrance of Disneyland Resort.

To learn more about parking at the Disneyland Resort, visit Disneyland.com.


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