Playlist Live coming to Orlando March 23 – 25

The second annual Playlist Live is kicking off at the Buena Vista Palace on March 23 through 25, 2012. Playlist Live is a three-day convention that brings together YouTubers, directors, viewers, bloggers and more to celebrate the online community.

Playlist Live will feature live performances by some of Youtube’s biggest names, such as ShayCarl, Jenna Marbles, and Kassem G. There will also be interviews and interactive talks giving artists and fans the opportunity to interact and collaborate. Pro Youtubers will boast multiple booths offering attendees technology pointers, tips and professional advice.

Business Day takes place on March 23 which is dedicated to the industry behind online media followed by Performance and Meet and Greet Days on March 24 and 25 where attendees can mix and mingle with Youtube stars. Ticket prices range from $70 to $215 but the prices will go up as the event gets close so be sure to purchase them soon! For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

To find out how to enter to win tickets to Playlist Live, watch episode 66 of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.


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