Plaza Point holiday shoppe has opened in Disneyland Park

Plaza Point, a brand-new retail outlet featuring holiday-themed and seasonal items, has opened on Main Street U.S.A. in the Disneyland Park.

Plaza Point holiday shoppe
Photos courtesy of Disney

On October 4, Disney announced a “special new shop” would be opening at Disneyland Park in California, and 17 days later the store welcomed its first guests.

All Disney park lands, attractions, restaurants, and retail outlets have their own backstory, and Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe is no exception.

Victorian era wall art

Within the story, a homey atmosphere draped in garland and baubles has been created by the store’s proprietress, Miss Evelyn Toro, a world traveler who enjoys collecting unique holiday items and décor as she journeys from country to country observing holiday customs. The treasures she finds make their way into her shop, where they are put on display for visitors to purchase and enjoy.

Plaza Point doll display

Nestled on the corner of Main Street U.S.A. and East Plaza Street, Plaza Point is designed to exude a warm, welcoming feel, highlighted by wood paneling and a distinctly Victorian-era vibe, which blends perfectly with the area’s overall story.

Christmas is represented year-round, but additional holidays celebrated around the world, including Lunar New Year, Easter, Halloween, and Hanukkah, will also be showcased during their appropriate times of year.

Plaza Point Christmas décor

As the seasons change, new items will be added, such as those that reflect Spring and Fall, while October’s unique offerings include merchandise themed to the animated film, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction.

Among the goods available for purchase are home décor, seasonal ornaments, curios and collectibles, housewares, linens, and more. Guests can also purchase personalized, hand-painted ornaments year-round, for themselves or to give as gifts.

Decorative accent at Plaza Point

Visitors can view cast members through the shop’s front window as they ply their artistic skills while hand painting individual ornaments. Other windows around the store are dressed in old-world holiday finery.

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