Reservations now open for Catharsis haunted experience at Deadly Sins Bar

Catharsis Deadly Sins Bar
Orlando’s new Deadly Sins Bar is now taking reservations for Catharsis, an immersive haunted experience opening October 7.

After days of cyptic hints and teasing messages, we’ve received word that reservations are now open for Catharsis, an immersive haunted experience opening October 7 at the new Deadly Sins Bar in Orlando.

Pseudonym Productions, the company behind When Shadows Fall, is celebrating Halloween by transforming their undisclosed Orlando location into the Deadly Sins Bar, a secretive club that will be home to the Catharsis haunted experience on 13 select nights between October 7 and 30, 2016.

Catharsis is billed as an immersive haunted experience that “allows you to have the freedom to express and discover your true nature.” Pseudonym says Catharsis is not a haunted house by any traditional definition of the term; rather, the 30-minute personal experience draws from many types of entertainment, including haunted attractions and immersive theater. Guests will walk through the experience alone or in small groups, encountering multiple actors along the way, each engaging directly with personal interactions are designed to “reach you on a deeper level than simple jump scares.”


Catharsis’ storyline revolves around Deadly Sins Bar founder “Selena Blackwood, who draws visitors in to explore a seemingly abandoned warehouse housing a now-fallen secret society. She excitedly escorts would-be urban explorers into her private lounge to begin the experience. Throughout the 30-minute experience, guests will encounter a realm filled with theatrical lighting, sound design, an original score, and inhabitants completely consumed by each of the seven deadly sins.

Unique among Orlando haunted houses, Catharsis is experienced alone or in small groups with no queues. Upon arrival, you may wait and order a drink at the Deadly Sins bar & lounge. When your time has arrived, you will be summoned.

During the experience, you may be touched by the freakish assortment of characters. Visitors may opt out of physical contact in advance.

Tickets to experience catharsis are now available at via timed entry windows, between 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on each event night. Standard arrival reservations ($24) grants entry with up to 3 others (i.e. people entering with two standard tickets may be paired up with two others with the same ticket type). Private time slot upgrades ($10) will guarantee a private experience, whether alone or in your group; each person in a group must purchase the upgrade (i.e. to experience catharsis alone, purchase a single ticket PLUS the upgrade option).


Visit for more details, and watch this video for a look inside Catharsis’ home at Pseudonym’s previous production, When Shadows Fall:

When Shadows Fall interactive theatrical attraction

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