Roaring Timbers wooden coaster roars into Sun World park

Roaring Timbers takes over the tropical hillside terrain of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park as the only wooden roller coaster in Vietnam.

Roaring Timbers entry
Photos and video courtesy of Sun World

The coaster is part of the park’s first-phase Exotica expansion, which will eventually include three new attractions, new food and beverage outlets, and new entertainment offerings.

Daan Duijm, Sun World Group Director of Operations and Set Up said, “Roaring Timbers represents the first of several new attractions and expansion lands that will be opening in our Sun World Parks in 2022. We are looking forward to welcoming the world back to our beautiful Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park […] where we have been busy crating more unforgettable world-class experiences for our guests to enjoy.”

The new coaster reaches a maximum height of 106 feet, a top speed of 50 miles per hour, and it generates more than 3.5 vertical g-force over the course of its nearly 3,000 feet of track.

“Roaring Timbers features 14 hills and 14 exciting crossovers that pass over or under another section of track,” said Brad Loxley, Sun World Group chief operating officer, “making this one of the most twisted wooden pieces of art in the world.”

Roaring Timbers roller coaster

The ride lasts just over two minutes as it screams past the gorgeous hillside vistas of Hon Thom island in the Gulf of Thailand, just off the coast of Cambodia.

To reach the park, visitors board the world’s longest three-rope sea-crossing cable car system from larger Phú Quôc Island for an over-water journey to its little sister, Hon Thom Island.

Additional attractions on family-friendly Hon Thom Island are Aquatopia water park, live entertainment, and stunning beaches, plus snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and other water activities.

“During these challenging times with Covid-19, it’s very reassuring to see the commitment to new attractions to aid in the recovery of tourism in Vietnam,” Daan Duijm added. “Surrounded by lush palm trees and jungle, [Sun World park] will give guests a unique way to experience Vietnam’s Hon Thom Island.”

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