Bring your favorite SeaWorld, Busch Gardens coasters home with Nanocoasters models

If you’re missing the thrills of SeaWorld and Busch Gardens’ roller coasters, you’re in luck! New models of the iconic thrill rides, called Nanocoasters, are now available.


These models are easy to assemble miniature replicas of the famous roller coasters found at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks. There are even buildable models of attractions that haven’t even opened yet, including Busch Gardens Tampa’s Iron Gwazi, SeaWorld Orlando’s Ice Breaker, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Pantheon.


Each Nanocoasters model is priced at $37.99, but comes out to about $50 with shipping. For a limited time, you can buy four (4) coaster models and get one (1) free!

You can check out the lineup of roller coaster models for yourself here.


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