Busch Gardens Williamsburg announces Pantheon multi-launch coaster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has just announced new details on Pantheon, a record-breaking multi-launch roller coaster, set to open in 2020.


The coaster will be located in the park’s Festa Italia village and will feature four launches and a top speed of 72.5 miles per hour – making it the fastest multi-launch coaster in North America.

Photo by Connor Webber

Pantheon combines the abilities of five Roman gods in one grand display of strength, speed, and power: Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Minerva, and Pluto. Riders will experience forward and backward launches, two inversions, and a 95-degree drop. The gods will contribute to the theming of the coaster and illustrate its exciting elements.


“Pantheon is going to be non-stop action for riders. We’ve designed it so that the experience is changing all the time and will keep riders wondering what’s next,” said Larry Giles, senior director, Design & Engineering. “Multiple launches, speed changes, a sharp drop, and backwards acceleration are just a few of Pantheon’s one-of-a-kind traits.”

Check out the full stats of Pantheon below:

  • 95-degree drop
  • Two inversions
  • Four launches
    • Launch 1 speed: 36 miles per hour
    • Launch 2 speed: 50 miles per hour
    • Launch 2 speed (backward): 61 miles per hour
    • Launch 3 speed: 67 miles per hour
  • Track Length: 3,328 feet
  • Maximum speed: 72.5 miles per hour
  • Maximum height: 180 feet
  • Ride duration: 2 minutes
  • Seats/Train: Two trains, 20 riders per train
  • Manufacturer: Intamin Worldwide

To learn more about Pantheon, visit BuschGardens.com/Williamsburg.

Pantheon roller coaster coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2020

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