SeaWorld Orlando opens Manatee rehabilitation viewing area to guests

SeaWorld Manatee rehabilitation
SeaWorld Orlando guests can now view manatee rehabilitation at no extra charge.

Guests to SeaWorld Orlando can now get a behind-the-scenes look at the park’s marine mammal rescue efforts at a new manatee rehabilitation viewing opportunity.

On March 30, 2016, SeaWorld Orlando welcomed visitors to Manatee Rehabilitation, an area for park guests to see the behind-the-scenes rescue and rehabilitation work SeaWorld does to help save wild manatees. Manatee Rehabilitation allows park guests to step into a working wild manatee acute care facility where animals that have been ill or injured are allowed to recover.

manatee2The 5-acre Rescue Center used for rehabilitating rescued wildlife has offered paid guided tours of the entire facility for years, but this is the first time park has opened up sections of the manatee rehabilitation area for complimentary viewing to all guests. Visitors to park may catch a glimpse of SeaWorld’s working manatee rescue and rehabilitation facility and learn actions to help the threatened creatures. In addition to viewing the animals currently undergoing rehabilitation, guests can also see their digital medical charts, interactive exhibits, an underwater viewing camera and videos of the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team in action.

manatee3You can learn more about SeaWorld’s Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership at, and find more information about the theme park at


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