SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announce tier upgrades, pass extensions for passholders

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has shared an update on their website regarding passholder benefits to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld parks across the country while they are temporarily closed to the public.


While the parks are temporarily closed, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced that it would automatically extend all active Annual Passes and Membership products for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Aquatica for a period at least as long as the temporary closure.

Guests who had not completed their initial term of their EZpay contract before the parks’ closure and did not defer payments, will have their payments after the re-opening of the park waived for a period of time equivalent to the length of the closure. EZpay members who are still within their initial agreement and did not defer payments will have the payments after their initial term is completed waived for a period of time equal to the length of the closure. EZpay members who completed their contract during the park closure and did not defer payments will have their payments waived for a period after reopening.

In addition to this, Pass Members will be offered complimentary rewards and special benefits. Pass Members will get extra “bring-a-friend” days, as well as complimentary membership tier upgrades for all active passes for the remainder of 2020, as well as additional SeaWorld Pass Member events.

Pass Members who deferred their payments or are not up to date on their payments are not eligible for these rewards or to have their pass extended. Those who choose to reinstate their monthly payments by May 17 will then be eligible for these rewards.

For questions, guests are encouraged to call (407) 794-0017 or email [email protected] and include their bar code and home park name in the email.

Check out the links below to see a full list of each park’s benefits:


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  1. This ended up moot because San Diego never reopened through 2020 and they refused to extend the free pass upgrade into 2021. Nobody I know ever saw their passes actually change to the higher tier on their account like they should have. So passholders were baited with a useless offer to keep them making those payments, then told ‘op, nevermind’ after the park reopened.