SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove partners with Rising Tide Conservation to support ocean reefs

SeaWorld Discovery Cove Rising Tide Conservation SeaVenture
Discovery Cove guests can now contribute to Rising Tide Conservation by purchasing a SeaVenture experience.

Guests at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove can take a dive to defend aquatic ecology, because the park is now donating 5 percent of proceeds from the SeaVenture program to Rising Tide Conservation for the support of ocean reefs.

Rising Tide Conservation is an initiative started by SeaWorld that promotes efforts to breed and raise marine tropical fish in aquaculture facilities rather than collecting them in the wild. Collection of marine tropical fish can cause damage to both the reef and the ecosystem it sustains.

Discovery Cove participates in the program by collecting and donating fish eggs that otherwise would not hatch and purchasing fish that have been raised through the program. The eggs that are collected are sent to partner laboratories in the program to be utilized in breeding research.

SeaVenture is an “underwater walking tour” through the Grand Reef at Discovery Cove, which is now home to hundreds of fish that have been aquacultured through this initiative. Guests wear a dive helmet to feel at home under the sea, and SCUBA certification is not required.

“Rising Tide Conservation is a forward-thinking, innovative program that will have long-term, positive impacts on whole reef-based ecosystems and we are proud of our company’s long-held support of it,” said Discovery Cove Vice President Stewart Clark. “Now guests, too, can see firsthand – and be a part of – the efforts of multiple groups working together to help save reefs.”

Pricing for Discovery Cove admission, plus the added SeaVenture program, starts at $218 plus tax per person. Visit for more information and reservations.


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