Sesame Street themed Sunny Day Carousel now open at SeaWorld Orlando

Another new kid-friendly offering, themed to “Sesame Street,” has opened at SeaWorld Orlando. Located at the Sesame Street Land, the Sunny Day Carousel is a re-theme from the previous Sea Carousel.

The new Sunny Day Carousel, now open at Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando.

Sesame Street Land opened at SeaWorld Orlando in March 2019. It was an immediate success, with many saying it was one of the best investments SeaWorld Entertainment had made in many years. Now, a nearby existing attraction has made the theming transition from sea to sesame. We aren’t sure why it took so long to make the carousel match the rest of the land, but we’re glad it finally has.

Horse design details on the Sunny Day Carousel.

Riders under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion, 14 years of age or older. Anyone can ride the bench seats. Riders under 42 inches may only ride on horses that are in the center row. Hand-held infants must ride on bench seats. All riders on horses must be able to grip with a functioning hand, be able to straddle the seat properly with one functioning leg and be able to maintain a proper riding position.

Sensory Guide

The Sunny Day Carousel rates a 2 in touch, 0 in taste, 2 in sound, 1 in smell and 4 in sight on the sensory guide. SeaWorld Orlando is a certified autism center. You can read the full SeaWorld Orlando sensory guide, here.

Sunny Day Carousel in Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando

The Sunny Day Carousel is a cute, colorful and classic ride that’s fit for everyone who likes a good go-round. Watch the video above to see the ride length, a close-up on the ride bench and checkout the character details on the carousel.


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  1. I’m slightly confused and a bit disappointed if this ride and the themed area are part of SeaWorld Orlando. I think the area should still keep the marine and harbor theme with that kids’ IP having its own separate theme park across the street from SeaWorld Orlando while having the kids’ IP having a harbor themed mini-land. What if that might happen?