Shark Swim program returns to Discovery Cove

Just in time for Shark Week, the Shark Swim Program has returned to Discovery Cove in Orlando, and thanks to limited capacity, it’s even more exclusive than ever with only a few guests allowed to swim alongside these fascinating ocean predators each day.

Discovery Cove Orlando, Shark Swim
Photos courtesy of Discovery Cove Orlando

The experience begins with an intimate shark talk and training session with Discovery Cove’s expert aquarists, where guests learn about the several species of sharks that reside in the resort’s Grand Reef. After that introduction, participants are given sterilized snorkels and masks to safely enjoy a deep-water free swim with more than 20 blacktip reef, nurse, zebra, and bonnethead shark – not to mention the thousands of tropical fish who also call the reef home.

“It’s always our goal to bring our guests as close as we can to our animals so they can develop an appreciation for them and want to conserve their natural habitats,” said Denise Swider, zoological curator at Discovery Cove. “What’s great about the Shark Swim program is that it allows our guests to experience these animals firsthand.”

The unforgettable experience is guaranteed to provide guests with a better understanding of each shark’s unique attributes as well as an education about the care they receive at Discovery Cove. Plus, every guest has the opportunity to take a photo with one of the sharks.

Discovery Cove Orlando, Shark Swim,

The Shark Swim Program is offered during Discovery Cove’s regular operating hours. To maintain physical distancing between guests—and between guests and trainers—the experience will be limited to no more than two parties per session (a maximum of 8 spots per day). Because space is so limited, guests are encouraged to reserve their spots here as soon as possible.

The cost for the Shark Swim starts at $129 per person (minimum age is 10). Five percent of the proceeds benefit the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to support shark research and conservation around the world.

Discovery Cove is dedicated to providing guests with memorable one-in-a-lifetime experiences while maintaining the necessary health and safety measures.

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