Six Flags Magic Mountain is no longer a 365-day park

Beginning Nov. 1, 2022, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif. will be closed on select weekdays in November and December, a change to the park’s 365-day operating schedule.

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus
Photo courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain

The current calendar shows the park will be closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in November (except Thanksgiving week) and in December (except the weeks before and after Christmas). Magic Mountain has not announced whether this new schedule will continue into 2023.

According to Marketing & Communications Publicist Alexandria French, the changes in the operating calendar “will allow the park to deliver a more exceptional guest experience.”

Guests should check the Magic Mountain website for the most up-to-date operating days and hours when planning their visit.


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  1. I’m glad I didn’t buy a season pass Im a senior and only go to the amusement parks on Tuesdays Wednesday or Thursdays. I have Universal Knotts and Disneyland. Dumb move Magic. My son worked there for year’s even he says dumb.

  2. From an operational cost standpoint it makes financial sense as the attendance on those days are typically low.
    They have in past years been closed on these days on a seasonal schedule. It was the last CEO that decided to market global and keep select parks open to grab vacationing people from around the world.

    As a member pass holder since 2012 and local it is disappointing as I don’t see longer lines, slower service as enhancing the guest experience. The new CEO has already made some disparaging and disturbing generalized statements about whom he feels the customer currently are and to whom he wants to market to. Theme parks vary greatly from location and corporations yet retain a uniqueness as well. It is well established that Disney sets the gold standard that theme parks are judged by. To be on that level Six Flags would have to make huge investments in upgrading the themeing as well adding authentic qourmet dining experience to the park. I am likely to keep my pass and its perks as it is grandfathered in and the price point is still favorable, at least for now. Happy Rolling Flipping and Diving Go Big Go Six Flags

  3. The new direction the current CEO is taking this company is going to be interesting, to say the least. I have been a pass holder since 2018 and I live out of state. Magic mountain is far my family’s favorite theme park. Disney does set a very high bar, even Universal and Knott’s do a great job of keeping up. This particular park (Magic) is a dive. Buildings are in great need of renovation, food options need to be upgraded, the overall customer experience is lacking on many fronts. Don’t even get me started on how many empty seats they send on each train. But we keep coming back for the thrills. They can capitalize on that! People don’t come here for the food! But I’d go to Disneyland for a churro and a corn dog! Haha! Magic mountain needs financial investment dedicated solely to refurb projects (what’s up with the old pizza restaurant on Samarai summit?!) and not in new coasters. Put in water refill stations, too! Make it a place people want to come to and feel comfortable and you’ll see your profits increase! Other six flags parks are gorgeous and this one just kind of feels forgotten.

  4. We have been buying passes for many years but the only day we can all go is Wednedays. It would benefit the park to have more drink stations and working water fountains. Also the new no cash policy is a joke when I can’t find a cash to card station that works. I have tried my debit card and every time it came up as fraudulent. 4 times so far. That means the park lost 4 financial transactions. Go back to cash.

  5. Aa a membership holder, I usually go during the middle of the week to avoid the long lines, crowds and some of the disrespectful teens. What irritates me the most is the constant line cutting done by teens from my prior visits. Don’t get me wrong I live the kid’s however with no line supervision they will call a whole herd up.

  6. People complain about the park, yet want them to keep doing what they’ve always done. I’m happy with this move.

  7. Bad move. Your local pass holders go on weekdays to avoid the crowds on weekends. This will make for longer waits in line and more crowded conditions in the park. Not a smart thing to do.

  8. Yes they are changing their days and hours however Six Flags Magic Mountain has never been open 365 days a week. When I moved from the area because I grew up down there. I plan my trips home to visit my family around parks operating schedule so we can go, because it has never been a 365 day a week park!

  9. Disappointing since I was able to grow an interest in roller coasters when they opened up year round. I was able to go weekdays and avoid the large crowds. I can’t do that anymore with my schedule, but still was nice if I wanted to play hookey for a day. My hope is that it allows them to run at max capacity on the weekends with less stress being put on the rides, maintenance etc. They need to fix the time to do anything in that park. From getting something to eat or getting on a ride. If you want people to spend more money, get them out of the lines. Knotts historically has done a better job at this. Despite less attractions, space and more guest. Knotts has had their issues since the pandemic but MM has always been this way.

  10. First they double season pass renewal prices by forcing you to renew as a member; then a couple months later they drop memberships and go back to passes and offer cheap sale ones again (but too late if you already switched to a membership, no changes allowed), and then once that sale is over, they announce they won’t be open most weekdays. I get it, its a business, I just feel misled. (twice!) Starting to wish I had switched to Knotts after all these years.

  11. Me and my family only go during the weekdays mostly and that’s when we bought the tickets we thought that we would be able to go through the weekdays and not only that we were looking forward to the holidays now since they took the days away I feel like I should get some type of refund who do we call about this? I feel to be fair they should have waited until these passes expired and did it for 2023 not to the 2022 pass holders.

  12. I’m beyond upset. I just renewed my membership and even upgraded for 2023. I work in the restaurant industry and only have Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Now I can never go! I spoke to a guest relations worker via their website and they are not granting refunds. They have strict no-refund policy. I want my money back! -Signed a disgruntled guest

  13. I was looking for info about park hours in January 2023. The website isn’t showing any hours in 2023 at all yet. The recorded information when you call is from 2019. I emailed guest services and their reply was, “regrettably, the park is closed for the season in January 2023. If there are no operating hours listed for a particular date, the park is closed.“ I was trying to plan a trip from out of state, but not anymore.