Six Flags announces every new attraction coming in 2018 for domestic parks

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Six Flags Entertainment made huge announcements for updates and additions to their parks coming in 2018.

Six Flags Entertainment Company announced today the most impressive lineup of new roller coasters, rides and other attractions in their 56 years of operation, which will open at Six Flag theme parks all over the country in 2018.

six flags
A map of all the new attractions coming to Six Flags parks in 2018.

“This is our most impressive and ambitious new capital rollout ever. Many of the rides and attractions we are introducing next year are ‘world’s firsts’ and record breakers as we deliver fun-packed innovation at the highest level. Innovation is in our DNA and our guests expect and deserve one-of-a-kind experiences when they visit out parks,” said Jim Reid-Anderson, Chairman, President and CEO of Six Flags.

Check out the huge list of announcements for each domestic Six Flags park, La Ronde in Montreal and Six Flags Mexico below:

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain – Get ready for CraZanity, the world’s tallest pendulum ride at a record-breaking 17 stories tall. This giant disc will reach speeds of 75-miles-per-hour as it moves back and forth and goes higher and higher in the air. As the pendulum swings, it will rotate counterclockwise and give guests a feeling of weightlessness at 172 feet in the sky. CraZanity will be the centerpiece of the newly-themed and revamped Boardwalk area.
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – This Northern California park will debut the new Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, the world’s first-of-its-kind inverted looping coaster, and will feature multiple inversions along a vertical figure eight track. Riders will face head-to-head flyby encounters at speeds of 70 miles-per-hour as the trains speed toward each other and reach a “high five” moment giving guests the illusion that they could actually reach out and “high five” the other guests speeding by.
  • Six Flags St. Louis – The coaster capital of Missouri is bringing a new water attraction to its Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2018: Typhoon Twister, a hybrid, zero-gravity slide complex. This attraction features four-person rafts that slide down into a 125-foot whirlpool bowl and spin riders around 360 degrees before they travel down an enclosed five-story drop. Riders are then sent up a 45-foot, zero-gravity wave wall that gives a feeling of weightlessness before shooting into the wave pool below.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia – A new hybrid coaster, Twisted Cyclone, is coming to this Six Flags park in 2018. Made of a traditional wooden structure with a modern steel track, this coaster features a 75-degree initial drop straight into a reverse cobra roll, and has three upside down inversions and 10 moments of airtime as it travels along 2,400 feet of track.
  • Six Flags Great America – The world’s largest loop coaster is headed to this Six Flags in 2018. Standing at 100 feet in the air, this attraction will take riders forward and backward on a giant loop before suspending them upside down. Guests will travel in “face-off” seating and go through a series of 360-degree revolutions before they are sent downward in the opposite direction.
  • Six Flags America – This Six Flags park near Washington, D.C. will introduce Wahoo River, a new river adventure set in its Hurricane Harbor water park. This new water ride will be 33 percent wider and over 40 percent longer than Castaway Creek, and will include upgrades like a zero depth entry. Guests will float along the river and encounter interactive features like huge waterfalls, wall sprayers, tippy water cones, archways and a new wave generator.
  • Six Flags Over Texas – A brand new ride themed to the Clown Prince of Crime’s leading lady, Harley Quinn, has been announced for this Six Flags park: Harley Quinn Spinsanity. This attraction will send gets through gravity-defying flips, twists and turns as they are seated across 24 seats with over-shoulder harnesses. These give guests positive and negative gravitational forces as they rotate all directions while being up to 70 feet in the air.
  • Six Flags New England – This Six Flags park will also be getting a Harley Quinn-themed attraction called Harley Quinn Spinsanity. This extreme pendulum ride will swing guests back and forth, higher and higher up to 70 miles-per-hour.
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas – The world’s first ever single rail coaster, as well as the first-ever Wonder Woman-themed coaster has been announced for this park: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. With a 90-degree drop, this coaster will feature a first-of-its-kind single I-beam rail as riders are seated in single file. This gives riders an open-air experience as they soar along the track at 50 miles-per-hour, with two airtime hills, overbanked turns, a 180-degree stall and a zero-g roll.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure – Coming to this park is the first-ever ride themed to DC Super Hero Cyborg. Inspired by the movements of a gyroscope, Cyborg Cyber Spin will feature a triple box design that allows the gondola vehicle to spin around while rotating forward, backward and sideways up to 70 feet in the air. The flourless seats let riders’ feet dangle as they glide through the air.
  • The Great Escape – A new spinning attraction, Complete Pandemonium, is coming to The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom. This ride will give guests 360 degrees of adrenaline with 24 riders seated in a “face out” position as it lifts, spins and tilts them. The ride will accelerate  while whirling guests in what will feel like endless rotations.
  • Six Flags Mexico – This park is launching its first-ever 4D Free Fly Coaster in 2018. This roller coaster will be based on the DC Super Hero Wonder Woman. On this new Wonder Woman Coaster, riders will be lifted up a 12-story, 90-degree hill and flipped head-over-heels, forward and backward as they travel along the vertically stacked track. The Free Fly design of the coaster allows for the ride vehicles to extend outward from the track as riders sit suspended in midair. This coaster will also feature two beyond 90-degree raven drops to simulate free-falling.
  • La Ronde in Montreal – This Six Flags park is celebrating the family with Carnaval en Folie, a new carnival-themed family area with three new rides: Torsade, a spinning tilt-a-whirl where parents can ride with their kids; Tourbillon, a great ride for thrill seekers; and Petit Roue, a fun-size Ferris wheel.
  • Waterworld Concord – The newest member of the Six Flags park lineup will debut its biggest new attraction with Splashwater Island, a new interactive water play area for the whole family. This almost 8,000 square foot area will include nine open and enclosed slides, jets, sprays and geysers along with a super-sized water bucket that sits on top of the huge play area and dumps water every few minutes on the guests below. Additional deck space with lounge chairs and private cabanas will also be included.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as this fall will bring Fright Fest to Six Flags parks. Each park will have new zombies roaming the midways and new frights to be found. Back by popular demand this year is Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Fright Fest Experience at Magic Mountain. This section was a hit in 2016, and the DC Universe section of the park will be taken over by the “Worst Heroes Ever” one again.

For the holiday season, Six Flags New England will join 10 other Six Flags parks to host Holiday in the Park, bringing all the sights and sounds of the holiday season to the parks, set against a backdrop of millions of beautiful twinkling lights.

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