PHOTOS: Get a sneak peek at Slaughter Sinema at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2018

by Brittani Tuttle

Opening night of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is only eight days away, and to celebrate, Universal Orlando has released a teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated original house, Slaughter Sinema.

slaughter sinema

Check out this first look inside Slaughter Sinema.

In this house, guests will step into the silver screen and be part of different 80s B-movies at the local drive-in.

slaughter sinema


slaughter sinema

With any moviegoing experience, the first stop is the snack bar, but this one will fill you with dread instead of sweets. Guests will see movie posters before they enter each film, giving them a sneak peek at what terrors await after the credits roll.

slaughter sinema


slaughter sinema

Guests will encounter all sorts of horrors, like biker werewolves from “Devil Dogs,” swamp yetis from “Attack of the Swamp Yeti,” deadly barbers from “Barber Chop,” and more.

slaughter sinema

In “Pumpkin Guts,” guests will learn that there’s more waiting for them than the gooey insides of pumpkins. “Amazon Cannibals from Planet Hell” will take everyone to a distant planet as aliens have them for dinner. “Cult of the Beast Baby” is one film best left to the imagination.

slaughter sinema

Better head to the box office and secure your tickets to this showing, you definitely don’t want to miss this blockbuster maze.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on Sept. 14 at Universal Orlando Resort. To learn more about this year’s event, and to purchase tickets, visit Orlando.HalloweenHorrorNights.com. Be sure to take a look at our Ultimate Guide to this year’s event here.

Check out the teaser trailer for Slaughter Sinema below:

FIRST LOOK: Slaughter Sinema House | Halloween Horror Nights 2018

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