Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot adds and improves dishes

Space 220 Restaurant opened last fall at Epcot to rave reviews, not only for their food and drinks, but also for the experience of “dining in space, 220 miles above the Earth.” But if you haven’t been, or haven’t been since it opened, they have new reasons to visit – new and improved meals and drinks.

Space 220 Restaurant entrance
Space 220 Restaurant is located inside Epcot theme park, next to the Mission: Space ride.

If you haven’t heard of Space 220 Restaurant, It simulates riding a space elevator from Epcot, up 220 miles to a space station, where you’ll dine while looking out into space via huge, long “windows into space and of Earth.” When you’re done with your meal, you head down the elevator, back to Epcot. Watch our video report below for more details.

Space 220 Restaurant recently invited us out to try some of the new and improved menu items, and we enjoyed them all. In addition to the items listed below, some other menu items have also had small tweaks.

New Menu Items at Space 220

New Short Cake at Space 220 Restaurant

Short Cake – Matcha Air Cake, Mascarpone Mousse and Strawberries. Available as a Supernova Sweets (dessert) option for three-course prix fixe dinner, or $14 add-on to two-course prix fixe lunch.

steak salad at space 220

Steak Salad – Marinated Filet Tips, Iceberg Wedges, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Chives, Blue Cheese Crumble and Horseradish Dressing. Available as a Star Course (Entrée) option for lunch only. 

Quinoa Burger at space 220

Quinoa Burger – Quinoa-Vegetable Burger, Baby Arugula, Tomato, Yellow Beet Citrus, and Mayonnaise. Available as a Star Course (Entrée) option for lunch only. 

Shrimp Cocktail at space 220

Shrimp Cocktail – U 10 Shrimp and Classic Horseradish Cocktail Sauce. Available on the Flight Bites lounge menu. 

Improved Menu Items at Space 220

In addition to brand new items, some favorite dishes have been given upgrades, with new flavors and ingredients: 

Space Glazed Duck Breast at Space 220 at Epcot

Space Glazed Duck Breast – Fried Jasmine Rice, Asparagus, Pineapple, and Orange Hoisin Sauce. Available as a Star Course (Entrée) option for dinner only.

Florida Red Snapper – Pan Seared Red Snapper, Fennel Barigoule, and Potato Stew. Available as a Star Course (Entrée) option for dinner only.

Space Greens salad at Space 220

Space Greens – Bibb Lettuce, Compressed Watermelon, Spiced Pecans, and Apple Cider Dressing. Available as a Lift-Off (appetizer) option for lunch and dinner. 

Supreme Chicken Breast at Space 220

Supreme Chicken Breast – Seared Chicken Breast, Polenta Parmesan Cake, Petite Balsamic Lentils, and Basil Oil. Available as a Star Course (Entrée) option for lunch and dinner.

New Drinks at Space 220

Orion Old Fashioned – Buffalo Trace Grand Mariner and Chocolate Bitters

Stratosphere Strawberry Lemonade – Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Cointreau, Thyme Simple Syrup, Strawberry, and Fresh Lemon Juice

Espresso Martini  – Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Tuaca, Chilled Espresso, House Made Whipped Cream Float, and Dark Chocolate Shavings

Lunar Eclipse – House Made Whipped Cream infused with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, finished table-side with a Double Shot of Espresso

Launch Pad – Buffalo Trace Bourbon, House Made Caramel Sauce, Espresso, Steamed Milk, and Baking Spices Topped with Whipped Cream

These new drinks have alcohol, but don’t forget to get your Space 220 trading cards with every mocktail and kids meal purchased. Read more about the Space 220 trading cards here.

Full menus for lunch ($55) and dinner ($79) prix fixe can be viewed here, and the lounge menu can be viewed here. Reservations are almost always needed and can be made via the official Walt Disney World website. Reservations for the À La Cart lounge inside Space 220 are made separately.

Space 220 Full Restaurant Experience at Epcot

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