Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot adds new dishes and drinks

Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot just added some new appetizers, meals, drinks, and desserts and they invited us out to try them. We always love dining in “space”, so we were excited to return. 

Space 220 dining room

After checking in, we were given our boarding pass and headed into the space elevator, which whisked us 220 miles above Epcot. Once we were seated, it was time to try the new items. We started with the Seafood Cannelloni “Rockets” and the Neptuna Tartare. Both were really good. They also have a new asparagus soup (jumbo lump crabmeat, roasted poblano and red peppers, citrus chili oil, crouton). 

Space 220 Seafood Cannelloni “Rockets”
Seafood Cannelloni “Rockets” – shrimp, scallops, snapper, saffron cream sauce, salmon caviar, chives
Neptuna Tartare at Space 220
Neptuna Tartare –  sushi grade yellowfin tuna, avocado crema, mango coulis, edamame, wonton crisp, yuzu dressing
Space 220 drink and mocktail

We also tried some of their new drinks. They had more than we were able to try but the Illumination rum punch with boba was my favorite. We also tried two of the mocktails, which were delicious, but pricy at $16 and $17, but some come with a glow cube, and all come with trading cards.

Next were our main courses. I had the new Tomahawk Pork Chop and Jackie had the Pan Roasted Swordfish “Cioppino”, which was a smorgasbords of seafoods. We enjoyed them both. Jackie said the broth on hers was delicious.

Tomahawk Pork Chop at Space 220
Tomahawk Pork Chop – slow roasted 16 oz Niman Ranch pork chop, corn flan, succotash, spiced applesauce
Pan Roasted Swordfish at Space 220
Pan Roasted Swordfish “Cioppino” – shrimp, littleneck clams, prince edward island mussels, tomato fennel seafood broth, toasted garlic bread

We finished with two new desserts. I ordered the Fruity Pebbles Cereal Rocket Pop from the kids menu, which was essentially a Fruity Pebbles crispy treat on a stick with a chocolate rocket stuck to it. Jackie had the Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Parfait. It tastes like yogurt, but has the consistency of cheesecake. She thought it was just OK, but I loved it and finished it up for her. They also have a new Cosmic Cupcake on the kids menu (chocolate vegan devil’s food cake topped with vanilla frosting and galactic sprinkles).

Fruity Pebbles Cereal Rocket Pop
Fruity Pebbles Cereal Rocket Pop – fruity pebbles, marshmallow, chocolate rocket
Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Parfait at epcot
Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Parfait – black sesame crumble, yuzu curd, macerated blackberries, basil blackberry sauce

Leaving the restaurant is as fun as arriving with a trip back down to Epcot in the space elevator. You can find their full menu at It’s $75 per adult for dinner for your choose of each of the three courses.

Here’s a look at our full experience from when they first opened:

Space 220 Full Restaurant Experience at Epcot

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