Space Mountain update includes on-ride photo, new colors, overall darkening

The official Disney Parks Blog has release a new image from within Space Mountain’s newly-updated queue along with new information surrounding the ongoing refurbishment of the classic attraction.

Most importantly, Disney has now announced that Space Mountain will officially be reopening on Nov. 22. Soft openings have reportedly already begun with cast members and guest previews are likely to come any day now, though Disney generally does not announce preview dates.

The above photo was taken from the same angle as the previously-released image, though it depicts the area with a bit more color and light. Also in the photo is Walt Disney Imagineer Alex Wright who is acting as Senior Show Designer for the update.

The blog also revealed that Space Mountain is indeed receiving the long-rumored addition of on-ride photos. Guests’ pictures will be snapped while on the ride and will have the chance to share or purchase them via Disney’s PhotoPass system.

As expected, Space Mountain’s track will remain the same as it has for many years. According to the blog, Disney has “integrated new technology into the track” but no further clarification is given.

Additional refurbishment details include new color schemes for the ride vehicles and throughout the interior. In addition, new “darkening” effects should allow the ride to be darker overall.

Visit the Disney Parks Blog for all the details.


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