Space Perspective offers world’s first luxury spaceflight experience

Space Perspective travel company is ready to put paying passengers in space with a pioneering new technology that offers the first luxury-orient delve into Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Space Perspective luxury spaceflight

Using their patented and innovative spaceflight system, Space Perspective recently tested their Spaceship Neptune pressurized capsule and pronounced it ready to launch commercial operations in 2024 — for $125,000 per passenger.

The radical new way to soar above 99% of the planet’s atmosphere has been developed at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) by space travel experts Jane Poynter and Taber MacCullum, and utilizes a highly specialized balloon to take a capsule up to 20 miles above the Earth’s surface.

The capsule carried by the balloon will be the latest word in luxury flight, carrying up to eight guests in total comfort for a six-hour journey into a realm usually reserved for astronauts for what Space Perspective describes as “the world’s most radically gentle voyage to space.”

The Spaceship Neptune balloon will ascend from a launch pad at KSC, but without the inherent risks of a rocket take-off. Meanwhile, the ground-breaking pressurized capsule will feature both a bar and a bathroom as it immerses passengers in a series of ever-more breathtaking 360-degree views while reaching its 100,000-foot ceiling.

The full experience will also be tailored with additional end-to-end opportunities to enhance the deluxe nature of the flight, including meeting Hall of Fame astronauts and other exclusive touches.

The drastic difference between the high G-forces of a launched flight and Neptune’s gradual ascent is essential to Space Perspective’s mission to invite more people — including scientists and artists — to ride the wave of space history and enjoy the beauty of Earth from space.

The technology has been adapted from that used for decades by NASA, supported by a world class crew who have worked on high-altitude balloons for the last 50 years, led by husband-and-wife team Poynter and MacCallum.

The couple has been responsible for some of the most remarkable breakthroughs in space innovation and exploration over the past 20 years, including working on new technologies for the International Space Station, acting as technical advisors to Elon Musk, pre-SpaceX, and helping achieve Google executive Alan Eustace’s world record for a space balloon flight in 2014 that reached 136,000 feet.

The recent unmanned Spaceship Neptune test flight will be followed by a series of further tests to put the transport through its paces and ensure complete safety before the first planned flights with paying guests in late 2024.

Reservations are now being taken on their website,


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