Super Bowl ad to feature new footage from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Orlando will launch a brand-new, national commercial for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter during Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday, Feb. 7.

Set to air during the first half of the game, the ad will feature all new footage. You’ll see children magically transported to Orlando to fly on broomsticks around the Wizarding World. They’ll swoop through the bustling streets of Hogsmeade past the Hogwarts Express, dodge a flying dragon and meet Harry above Hogwarts.

The commercial also begins a new brand campaign, “Be Courageous. Be Outrageous. Be Extraordinary.” The press release from Universal says the campaign will “show viewers that Universal Orlando Resort is the only theme park destination in the world where you can soar above Hogwarts castle with Harry Potter, swing above the streets with Spider-Man and help Shrek save Princess Fiona in Shrek 4-D.”

Does this mean the new Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride will let guests “soar above Hogwarts castle with Harry Potter”? Or will the Dragon Challenge ride feature broomsticks as the ride vehicles? Or neither?


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