Talking Gargoyle animatronic entertains travelers at Denver International Airport

Interactive animatronics aren’t only for theme parks anymore, as a talking Gargoyle has taken up residence in the newly renovated Denver International Airport, where he’s chatting with travellers about the conspiracy theories that have long swirled around the airport.

Talking Gargoyle Denver International Airport
A talking animatronic gargoyle is now interacting with travellers at Denver International Airport.

For several years, visitors to Disney and Universal theme parks have enjoyed conversing with animated animals, mythical monsters, and even an enchanted water fountain, thanks to audio-animatronic figures that a puppeteered by talented hidden performers. Now, a similar experience has been installed at Denver International Airport in the form of an interactive talking gargoyle animatronic who entertains travellers on their way to and from flights.

Chatty Gargoyle at Denver International Airport

Denver’s new talking gargoyle teases passersby with references to the many conspiracy theories that have swirled around the facility since it opened in 1995. As reported by, the talking gargoyle was recently installed in the airport’s new 1.5 million square foot Jeppesen Terminal as part of a major renovations that began last year.

The 243-year-old creature joins a pair of “Notre Denver” gargoyle sculptures by artist Terry Allen that overlook the airport’s baggage retrieval.

For more information, visit Denver International Airport’s website, and watch these videos of other interactive talking characters at other attractions:

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